IK Ogbonna Speaks About His Daughter


I’m sure most people didn’t know he had a daughter last year. Yes it’s true he is not married, but hey ladies, he’s got a babymama and anything can still happen, lol. Don’t start dreaming and screaming, well ‘he is still available’, lol. IK is a model and actor and recently signed a multi naira deal with Rakkaan Perfume in Dubai. Here is what he said;

I’m not married yet but I have a daughter, her name is Makila and she’s a year old. I try my best to provide for her so obviously my work has to pay the bills. I try as often as possible to see her when I’m less busy. There’s this love between a father and his daughter that cannot be broken. With every little space I have I make sure I spend it with her.
I feed her, when she cries I comfort her, I change her diapers. When she’s in a good mood to play I put cartoons for her to watch and then she starts dancing around the place. She plays with her toys and then tries as much as possible to destroy everything. It’s a beautiful thing watching her grow up.

Another pic of the yummy daddy below.

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