Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Man Jailed In Lagos For 168 Years For N2.5M FRAUD

A judge at Lagos High Court in Ikeja, on Monday sentenced a middle aged man, Olaolu Salau, to 168 years imprisonment with hard labour being seven years for each count for a 24 count charge.

Salau was imprisoned for defrauding a Lagos based businessman, Solomon Ayoola, of the sum of N2. 5 million.

He gave the verdict following  a  plea-bargain arrangement between Salau and the Economic and Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The court, in sentencing Salau after he pleaded guilty to an amended  24-count charge  preferred against him by the anti-graft agency, ordered  that the convict serve seven years each for the 24-count at  Kirikiri Prisons in Lagos.

The judge while reading through the plea bargain agreement filed in line with the Lagos State criminal justice procedure law 2011, however ordered that the sentence  run concurrently starting from December 11, 2007 being the date he was arrested by the EFCC.

Salau was also ordered to pay restitution in the sum of N2.5 million to the victim and he has already paid the sum of N400,000 to the EFCC.

The judge ordered that he should pay the money within a year from his release from prison and should also be used as a prosecution witness against the remaining  defendants.

Salau was arraigned with four others on allegations of conspiracy and defrauding one Solomon Ayoola at different times to the tune of N2.5 million by claims of being capable of increasing the said amount through the invocation of invisible entity

According to the charge dated May 6 and filed on May 7, 2013  by the EFCC ,  the convict was charged with  conspiring with four others with intent  to defraud the businessman between June and November 2006 of various sums of money.

The  offence, the anti-graft agency  said,  contravened  section 419 of  advanced fee fraud and miscellaneous  offences .

According to the prosecution, the commission had in September 2007, received a petition from one Solomon Ayoola alleging the case of fraud of obtaining money by false pretence.

The Prosecution said  investigation by the commission revealed a fraud totalling the sum of  N2.5m at various times between June and November 2006.

This,  the prosecution said  necessitated the filing of a 24-count charge , one on conspiracy and  23 others bordering on advanced fees fraud and  obtaining money by false pretence.

The  defence’s  statement was also admitted  as exhibits by the former trial judge.

But during the course of trial, the convict, who has been in custody for seven years, wrote to the EFCC for a plea bargain arrangement which necessitated his plea of guilt.

Meanwhile, the other three defendants, Akinsowon Olufemi, Adebisi Adewale, Muyiwa Ayeni  arraigned with the convict had maintained their plea of innocence and were remanded in Kirikiri Prisons custody till July 22, 2013 when their case is scheduled for trial.



  1. Haba! and pension thief was told to pay 750k.... this goes to show that the Nigerian legal system is a travesty to Justice and only favors the rich and well connected assholes making my life unbearable in this god forsaken hell hole called Ni fucking geria!

    1. A small thieves D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ suffer for naija...... Pls click HERE for hot naijagist

    2. Best comment ever!

    3. GBAM!!!

    4. I agree with u. Glaring case of Nigeria's corruption

  2. 168 years tantan!!! aye maa nika o. what about those politicians, haven't they stolen and are still stealing our money. none of them caught this kind of sentence, its only d common man that steals d governor's phone or money that gets this kind of treatment.

  3. alameseya..#notymtospellcorrectly# was cleared of all hz charges in naija..despite d millions....nawa oo,we have a crazy judicial system....maaaaad

  4. 168 yrs 4 wat? Though I'm not in support of wat he did but dat sentence is just 2 much. It should be reduced joooooor. Our politicians no dey steal pass dat one? Mtchwwwwww

  5. Wow! This is sooooooo fake.kai.nigerian press should just stop this trash.after this nonsense news,I'm not sure I can believe anything I hear in Nigeria again kaiiii

    I was sitting right nest to the man who reported this news.a member of the press who came to report from the court.this happened in justice onigbanjo's court in the criminal division attached to that court for law IT.

    Yes,there was plea amended 24 count charge,BUT PLEASE PEOPLE!he wasn't sentenced to 168 years.this is too bad.he took money frm the said Solomon AYoola with the guise of increasing the money for him through magical means.the money was broken down into units like 7k,50k from the times he took the money,cos it didn't happen in a day.hence the 24 counts.i myself reported the case,for the purpose of my programme.he was sentenced to 7yrs because he pleaded guilty.of which he has spent about 6yrs in prison.his sentence begins from dec 2007 so in reality,he is serving 1 year.

    I'm so disappointed.truely
    This was something I witnessed.
    What about stuffs i have read from these people in the past
    They will sink this low for ratings.Really?

    1. Next and not nest..thnk me l8r!so ur a barrister huh?first tym m meetin a lawyer witout bigbig grammars

    2. You are foolish. So if a jail time is to run concurrently wetin come happen. He was jailed a total of 168 years. So if he has served 6 years nko and was found not guilty, will they refund him the 6 years? We r talking of a broken system, and you are talking trash

    3. @ Josyliciouxx, that was just an error which every1 does (including you).
      @ Anon 19:02,what has the guy said that warrant bn called foolish? that our system is corrupt doesnt mean the accused should go free.

      A lot of the so called magicians roam around and dupe people ( pray it wont happen to any you know).am sure this isnt the first time, must have bn duping alot of people of their hard earned money, thank God he was caught this time.

      Let him face the law.

    4. @'re obviously a simpleton.looking for typographical errors to hold on validate your simple life without discussing the issue at hand....
      Maybe you look up to lawyers like they aren't human.
      Only a grandiloquent or verbose fool will start spitting stupid grammar over a simple issue when trying to break things down to non-lawyers.
      Besides,that's their chief means of ripping people like you off because you believe unnecessary grammar translates to knowledge

      @anonymous just showed your ignorance and zeal to be heard despite the meager content of your brain.azin.i feel you're intellectually challenged.because,yeah! What is the basis of your reply.and after analyzing your reply.what is the moral lesson?
      What I was saying is simple! I thought it was simple enough for you to assimilate.THE HEADING AND CONTENT OF THIS MESSY ARTICLE IS MISLEADING! IN NO WAY WAS HE SENTENCED FOR 168 YEARS! 7years was all that was mentioned in court.he had already stayed 6 in he will serve just one more! So what is refund him six years?is he not guilty?im trying to understand you and sincerely it's too hard.yet you come here to abuse people that are smarter than you.
      You speak of a broken system.the only broken thing here is the fragment of your reasoning faculty.

  6. 168 years???just for 2.5million naia??...soo unfair..I just weak for dis country I swear abt d bigger thiefs of billions,nawaoo

  7. just 2.5 millon nd he is sentenced to 168 years but if is all those politians dey wont spend a month in prison. God forbid

  8. Poor man wey thief maggi dem go show hin face for crimefighter.....

    Even if the 7 years for each count charge are to run concurrently;its still too much punishment considering that politicians who steal on a larger scale are given a slap on their backs as punishment!

  9. Aboki Na Mallam06 June, 2013 09:29

    Good. This should teach fraudster a lesson. The lesson being; If you want to do fraud, GO BIG!!! Leave chicken change and get the billions. Then the Court system in Nigeria will show you some respect.

  10. Haba! Kilole toh yii???
    Sorry o broda Salau..
    Oti fori ko skibo..

  11. Nigeria legal system is itself a fraud. The pension thief that stole billions was let off the hook.Alamieyesigha was granted pardon after stealing billions. I weep for Nigeria legal system

  12. That first Anon get sense so?

    So because that judge was corrupt, nd has since been suspended, it means all the judges must toe that line?!

    I doubt if u go school. The terms are to run concurrently and he's already served them all. Read and comprehend, before you chat shit!

    1. So because the Judge was suspended cancels the fact that the first arraignment of the police pensions boss never happened abi? so for the fact the judge was suspended i should not talk about the first travesty of justice that happened right under our noses. For the fact a high court judge who is the last bus stop on legal matters threw caution to the wind when he handed out his judgement we should believe not all judges are bad abi. If you are blind and deaf to the wanting legal system we have in 9ja i will not blame u.
      If the judge sentenced the pensions oga to --- number of years will it justify the lives he stole as well by denying them their well earned pensions.
      Like i would always say..... see beneath what is on the surface and use your rat brain to think for once.
      Nigeria Legal system is a laughable institution. No respect for the laws of the land and frustrate people by adjourning cases for years even though they can hear those cases.
      Pray u don't enter any legal wahala that will take u to court only then will u understand the comment by the first anonymous.
      Yes that particular judge was corrupt we all heard about it cos it was a high profile case. what of people who are not high profile and the bribes go unnoticed.
      Ps. whether to run intermediately or concurrently....the fact is he has spent 6years awaiting trial for 2.5m. How many days was pension boss in custody talk less of awaiting trial.

      Once an egg is bad will u break each egg to see which egg is still good or presume that since they are all in the same crate all the eggs are bad..
      Na u go school pass. answer and keep it close to ur heart. Moreover, I doubt if the average Nigerian has enough money to bribe a judge. It takes the looters and shakers when gbege start cos they have amassed so much wealth that a High court judge will throw his robe and wig to the corners cos he can simply retire after the staggering amount he will be bribed with.
      No disrespect to honest and legit Judges. But some of their colleagues just make them question why they r Judges.
      Did the judge need to be suspended or demoted or fired with immediate effect? Suspension is still a travesty cos after one year he will be back to continue from where he stopped. where is the lesson to be learnt by other judges if an obvious disregard for the law was only met with suspension...... Like he cares? Tomorrow he will come out for election and people like you will still vote for him cos u think from his ass comes fresh air.

      Are u a learner ni?

  13. im not saying he shouldnt be punished but how does this make sense given the way all the politicians etc get away with worse???? How??? this country sef. kmt


  14. 168 years?? Are they serious? Okay o. Oga sorry sha.

  15. June, 2013 12:06

    na wo for this country 168 years for what.what have to politicians looting trillions on naira and the pension thief.this country is just wacked.

  16. this is rubbish how much did alamesiya or whatever his name is steal. what was his punishment

  17. The love of money is the root of all evil

  18. When a sentence is said to run cuncurrently it means the person will serve the highest so here it will jst be 7years as oppose the time you posted. So he will serve 7years only

  19. Lwkmd..... Correct comedy

  20. It is important for these bloggers to get somethings straight b4 making their posts...jst because they want more people to comment on their blogs. More importantly, do not make derogatory comments when u do not even know d import of what is being said. I'm sure the jail term is to run concurrently dating from the time he has been imprisoned..and dont forget that there are guidelines these people follow in passing their sentence...

  21. I guess all the judges have buckled up since the Judge and Pension baba saga/scandal. Luckily the guy will be out soon than sitting in prison for God knows how long awaiting trial.
    By the way sef, wasn't/isn't the alleged crime a bailable offense? why was he not granted bail prior to now considering that some others with more count charges were/are granted bail. OOOO! he probably was given what i call an impossible bail condition.
    My dearest Judges, Please grant accused persons bail with reasonable conditions! 6yrs awaiting trial he could have worked for that amount of money to restitute. Bail denial/ granting impossible bail conditions is like the person is already guilty without a fair hearing especially when the matter before you is a bailable offense and not a capital offense. It's just not fair. And while i suggest bail should be granted it should not be impossible to meet. Eg. two level 18 civil servants as sureties and that they both bear the same surname with the accused. Property in VI/Ikoyi owned by the L18 civil servant and 1-5million naira as bail bond and three years tax clearance certificate. (how much do civil servants earn that he/she can afford a house in VI?Ikoyi)? I thought minimum wage was 18k? hmmmmmmm

    I might not understand bail conditions in totality but some bail conditions i hear are just ridiculous and will blow your mind too. yes bail has been granted but can the accused person meet up with the bail conditions?

    Prison isn't a lovely place and to decongest it is to grant people with bailable offenses bail with conditions that are within reason. Not every case is remand in kirikiri or Ikoyi or where ever as the case maybe with the "You are so fucked" conditions.
    If efcc or any anti craft agency as sloppy as they are sometimes think an accused person can jump bail,(that's why they always argue against motions for bail) they should see to it that adequate infrastructures to curb such from happening are put in place.
    We shouldn't be paying for the Government's lack of providing structures that help build a nation with our time by languishing in prisons. It just isn't fair anymore.
    Before anyone slaughters me on the altar of reasoning, please make out time to visit those in prison. Hear their stories. If your are a xtian/muslim join the group that visits the prisons.
    I am a law abiding citizen but it took a shaking to the core of my foundations which landed me in prison for a while that has made me see the whole institution differently. You have to have experienced it to know what the fuck i am talking about.
    I am only glad that the guy will be out soon. His soon to be absence will create space for someone else to lay on. It is a jungle out there.

    Peace..... I'm out!