Should I Tell My Husband Our Twins Were Adopted And Not His Own?


I wish God will forgive me ,it started 2004 when I got married and after some years we could not conceive. Me and my husband went to hospital and I was told that am suffering from blocking of fallopian tubes while my hubby had low sperm count.

After some treatment no results and my hubby wanted to travel to London and hoping
to come back in 2yrs time. I decided to lie to my hubby that am pregnant and he was happy, after 2months he left for London and I was staying alone. My hubby kept asking after our child and I told
him the baby was kicking.

I decided to make enquiry about how to adopt. I arranged with one man in river state about adopting twins likely a girl and a boy or 2 boys.

After 9months of faking my pregnant to my hubby, doctor told me that the children are ready, I rented a 2 bedroom flat far away from where i was living before. I went and brought those children, I paid 700,000 to doctor and I gave the young mother 100,000. I just felt like giving the mother the money because I know the doctor will settle her later.

I saw many young girls there waiting to deliver. I called my hubby and him that I have given birth to twins a boy and a girl, my hubby was very happy. I hired bus from river state to Lagos here, I came back smoothly and with a nanny helping me out. My hubby kept sending me money every month.

My twins are very beautiful, I sent the pictures to my hubby, he was very happy. After 5yrs my hubby came back, he loves those children more than me.

My problem is this. How can I tell my hubby that those children does not belong to us. How can I tell him that I adopted them with his money.

How will he react to it. He is suffering from HBP that started 2yrs ago. He doesn’t joke
with the kids. I need your advice please.

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