Procter & Gamble Sponsor SuperMom To Appreciate Orphanages & Mothers In Charity Homes


                                                 A winner from previous supermom show
Do you know the founder or women in any orphanage that have raised successful kids that is not their biologically? It is time to help us identity, celebrate and reward such people in the Season Four of Supermom TV Show.

Do you know anyone that was raised in an orphanage and is doing well today? Help us contact the person to appreciate and put a smile on the woman or women who raised him or her by coming forward to tell the story.

How to submit entries:
Entries can be sent in via SMS or emails to 08183593220 OR supermomtvshow@gmail .com   

About Supermom

The first and second editions focused on mothers whose stories their children told with emotive conviction. The stories bordered on the sacrifice, pain and sheer hardship that 20 women went through in raising their kids. Some of them had their men watching helplessly besides or behind them as the case may be while for some others the supposed traditional bread winners were nowhere to be found. Their stories were told with short dramas while the eventual winners were decided via votes from numbers of the public.

Winners won brand new houses, the first runner up won brand new cars while the second runner up smiled home with cash prizes.

The focus shifted last year with mothers of celebrities put on the spot from KSB to Julius Agwu, mothers of 20 celebrities gave rare personal accounts of how the famous people were raised. Some stories moved the audience to tears while others invoked pensive mood laced with mild laughter brought about by knowing assurance that the end compensated for the torturous and laborious means.

Supermom is sponsored by Procter & Gamble, makers of Safe guard, Ariel, pampers, Always and Promasidor, makers of Onga seasoning and Cowbell Speaking of the reasons behind the direction for Supermom Season Four, Sola Fajobi , the CEO of DIM said , ‘it’s much easier to raise your own child, sacrifice and brace the odd but it’s a different kettle of fish when the child or children you are raising are not yours. You will have moment of doubt, discouragement, and generally feel overwhelmed especially when you are not doing it for financial gains.

It takes a lot of courage to continue, raise kids you don’t know their parents to state of maturity. It takes a lot of sacrifice to send them to school on lean resources, cloth them and look after them when they are sick. These women (founders of orphanages and women (matrons)) demonstrate love beyond biological attachment, sacrifice with lean resources and put their money where their mouths are. We need to show them love, appreciate them for making our society saner and contributing their quotas to making Nigeria better. Beyond that, we need to inspire others who are just starting that they are not in it alone’.

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