Do You Think This Is The Reason Why Nigerian Women Are Getting Married Late?


I found this in the comment section of “Love Has Never Been Fair To Me’. Do you really think this is the reason Nigerian women are getting married late?. And why do you think a sister or cousin might look down on your fiance/boyfriend because of his H factor?

”I have like 4 female cousins. On top of their game education and career wise. Beautiful as they come and thy are definitely wifey material. Problem with all of them, Manless or they get used and dumped. The reason why, my older sis is married to a man from a very wealthy well known and respected naija family. Her hubby is the complete package I swear. He loves his wife, hardly ever goes out. Is a very good and involved father to his 2kids. Is so romantic and respectful. Now my other sisters and those female cousins are using Mr perfect as measuring stick to get married. God forgive me but I have said to myself several times. They will either all die as spinsters or end up playing seconds to someone else’s husband. What is naija babes obsession with pedigree males? it is so annoying. My boyfriend is a regular 9 to 5 guy who went to St Finbars and travels occassionally. He loves and treats me right… but oh no! my sisters and cousins look down on him because he has the H factor. Bunch of weirdos”.

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