Why I Married A White Lady- Actor Yomi Fabiyi Opens Up


He got married some months ago, and people have said he married the white lady for a reason but Yomi his saying something different in this new interview below;

JOISAYSBLOG: You have been married for eight months now and you are yet to go and meet your wife in the UK, one would expect that after your project you would have gone to join your wife as against you moving from one location to the other in Nigeria.

YOMI: How did you know if I have not travelled in between or if she had pop in to see me. My wife is aware of my work and she supports my commitment.

JOISAYSBLOG: Really, but the popular belief is that your getting married to a white woman is for you to relocate permanently to the UK.

YOMI: Popular belief? That is the effect of poverty mentality, must it always be that way? I’m in the marriage for happiness and not for passport or money, and there was no agreement for me to relocate to the UK, if that had been one of the conditions my wife gave, I wouldn’t have gotten married to her.

JOISAYSBLOG: Happiness, can you please shed light on that?

YOMI: At the time I met my wife, I was alone and at my lowest ebb emotionally, there was no serious relationship and I needed to love and be loved. It’s one thing for a woman to say she loves you and it’s another thing for you to believe her. I had experienced a bad side of love and it had affected me and my reactions towards women and love. I wanted to move on and my wife was able to convince me.

JOISAYSBLOG: How did she convince you? She asked you out?

YOMI: I didn’t say that, and even if she did, it’s no big deal to them. So it hurts me deeply when some people misconstrue my intentions in this marriage. Let me tell you one thing, since I’ve been going to the UK, I have never stayed that long or had it that close to a white woman before and when we moved from the stage of friendship to dating I got really carried away. Her dedication and openness were just unbelievable and I fell in love real hard, though I didn’t envisage marriage.

JOISAYSBLOG: So you decided to quickly get married. Why Nigeria, why not the UK since the whole wedding was just at the registry? How did you convince your wife?

YOMI: She had a pre-planned trip to Ivory Coast but she later suggested coming to Nigeria, I agreed to that as I prefer my country than travelling to meet her in Ivory Coast.

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