JUST IN: My Mother Hated Me For No Reason…Made Me Turn Into A Prostitute, Now My Granny Wants Me To Forgive Her


Just got this mail.

I am sending this email as I need to vent and share my story with someone, while being able to remain anonymous. Ladun I will appreciate if this is posted.

Up until last year, i lived in Nigeria with my mother and my two half sisters. To cut a long story short, my mother has ALWAYS HATED ME. She has always treated me badly and has certainly never loved me. On the other hand she treated my two sisters like real life princesses. They are all she cares about and she doesn’t hide it. One day I came home from work to find all my belongings outside. Despite my mothers outrageous behaviour I never thought she would go this far. I asked her why she had thrown my things out and she replied by saying it was her decision in regards to who would live in her house, and that my sisters and herself were tired of living with me.

I was hysterical and I started to beg, plead and cry, I even resorted to begging her to allow me to stay for one night so I could sort myself out the next morning, of course she refused. To make matters worse my sisters then came out and all three of them started to assault me. Luckily one of my neighbours came to my rescue, the couple took me in and were astonished when I told them about my mothers behaviour, although they commented that they had seen/heard some of the vulgar things she had said to me in the past. I couldn’t believe that they had overheard my mother, who would wake up cursing me on a daily basis. Whenever I confronted my mother about her behaviour and what I had done to her I would get no reply, instead I would get a beating. As far as I am concerned my mother and sisters hated me for no reason.

I stayed with the neighbours for a few days, when I left I turned to an acquaintance for help. I stayed with him, but he soon coerced me into prostitution, which at the time was the only way I could make money, as I had no money to even get to my original place of work. Not long after starting this God forsaken profession I was pimped out to a man that unbeknown to me was an angel sent from heaven. According to him, he fell in love with me as soon as he saw me. He refused to have s*x with me, which angered me as I assumed I wouldn’t get paid and had therefore wasted my time. When I was about to leave he begged me to calm down and offered me £500. I took it and proceeded to leave but he begged me to stay and gave me another £500 per day. I stayed for four days. We didn’t have intercourse during this period. When we did he told me I would be his wife, I laughed but kept my negative thought to myself. He explained his wife had passed away and that he had one daughter. He went back to England and we kept in contact, to my surprise a few months later he came back to Nigeria and we got married. He then went back and I was able to join him a short while later.

I now live a very comfortable life, and I have started building a house in Nigeria because of my grandmother. She stood by me morally while my nightmare was a reality. However, she is now begging me to forgive my mother as she says my mother is suffering and needs help. My response is she has two other daughters so what does she need me for? To my disbelief my grandmother told me that they have both left the house and are in full time prostitution. They no longer care for their mother, they have changed their numbers and haven’t seen her since march. To say I am confused is an understatement. My grandmother has begged me to reconcile with my mother on her behalf so that she can die peacefully. She wants me to send my mother money and basically make her my responsibility again. Once upon a time I loved my mother, but that time has passed. I have no bond with this woman in question. Her atrocious behaviour caused me to marry someone who is older than my father (had he still been alive) and although I love my husband he wasn’t the knight in shining armour I had dreamed of as a young girl. Once again I am sat here in turmoil. I really do not know what to do as I know two wrongs don’t make a right, but can I realistically be expected to forgive a woman who did all those things to me?

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