Saturday, September 14, 2013

Photos: Miss Russia And Kenya Arrive In Lagos

                                                Ethel Okosun and  Miss Russia Meri Asatiani

International beauty queens,Miss Russia and Miss Kenya are in Lagos, Nigeria, for a brief visit on the invitation of Ethel Okosun – daughter of the late music star, Sunny Okosun.

 Miss Russia, Meri Asatiani arrived in Lagos yesterday, September 13, 2013 at the Murtala Muhammad International Airport at 4:30pm. The visit is in preparation for the Exquisite Face of the Universe World Final. Miss Russian accompanied by her manager and sister to Russian President Vladimir Putin,said “this is my first time in Nigeria and can’t wait to see what this beautiful country has to offer and also taste the local delicacies.”

 Miss Kenya,Vicky Wilson,who also arrived this morning, September 14, 2013 at 5:30am and was full of smiles as she received a warm reception upon her arrival.

Miss Kenya


  1. Yep try our local delicacies and you shall go back to ur home country with severe heartburn. We too like dry pepper.

  2. Beautiful can see smiles allover there faces. Enjoy ur stay here in nigeria.

  3. Miss Kenya's eyebrow thou!! What an eyebrow!!!

  4. Is Ethel okosun half kenyan? Did she grow up there or was born there? How did she win the competition?

    1. ethel okunsun is not the miss kenya oooo

  5. Jes!I kn dat bitch who is putting on white top @ d bck of miss Kenya.whr on earth is she comin frm?Uni Akungba topmost runs girl..chai