Readers Mail: My Husband Can’t Say No To His Family


Aww you will feel the annoyance in her writeup. Please it’s non edited. Here is how she sent it in.

Am so concerned about my husband..His family ask him for money at any slightest opportunity. Am not against him giving his family money but, he cant say no i dont have now or wait till next month. He has two elder sisters that are wayyyyyyy(pardon my english) richer than him. (wait a minute,he’s not even rich…we just comfortable). His mom, younger brother and younger sister(28) (both graduates…but unemployed) call him at least once a month to ask for money.(a times more than once). (Money for i want to buy my medications,money for i want to do my hair,money for i just saw a laptop and i will love to buy it  and stuffs like that).

OK,his younger sister did her introduction few months back,she called him and asked for money for the introduction cloth(for her and the husband-to-be). Few weeks later, his mom called him for money to buy things they will need for the introduction. Last month, his younger sister called that she needs money to buy baby stuffs she will need at the hospital. She gave birth few days ago,he already sent his mother some money to pay the hospital bills(because she was complaining about how to off set the bill). Today again,i saw a text message his younger sister sent him that he should send her some money. (Abeg for the naming ceremony and cloth ba?) I know her husband-to-be is unemployed too.but,cant the husband to-be’s family shoulder some responsibility too? I work overnight so that we dont have to pay for day care.we have 3 lands back in Nigeria with no single block on it and am praying and hoping for any baby soon. By the way, he his only been here in US for a year and half and started working a year ago.

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