The “DAVIDO” Effect/Saga…Fan Writes


Ladies and Gentlemen, I write to you today, not in defense of Davido, the individual but the ideology of Davido (David Adeleke) in the music industry.

Looking at recent tweets and blogs, it seems like this musician can do no right, no matter how he tries.  Last week I saw a tweet of a colleague of his that read (and I’m paraphrasing), “Wish I had a rich dad to do anything for me.” Another one read, “it is good to have a rich dad.” It seems that people have started to attribute this individual’s success to the socio-economic status of his father and here I say it is WRONG! Continue after the cut.

Before I state my problem with this ideology, I want to declare that I do not know Davido, never met the dude, not on his payroll and I do not know any of his friends.  In fact, his genre and style of music does nothing for me except that when I see a person working hard for a future, you have to respect the dude.  What we both might have in common is our socio-economic background. Shikena!

Why is it that Nigerians always find excuses for us to sleep at night.  When people see a successful man or woman, the first thing to look for is who their daddy is.  If their father is of humble origins, they have to look at their spouse and if that does not cut it, then there is something fishy about their success.  Why can’t someone be successful for success sake?  But, I digress.

From a very young age, I have always hidden my family background because most of my friends are from humble beginnings.  I had a bad experience, which me choose this decision.  When I met my new friends, and I got to know them, I noticed that they are from humble beginnings and I decided to lie just to fit in.  Fit in I did and everything was okay.  Even my girlfriend did not know of my background.  All she knew was that my parents were civil servants, divorced and all sorts.  I cooked up a lot to keep on trying to fit in.  To the extent that while I had a substantial monthly allowance, I had to get odd jobs like they did, not for the money, but to fit in.  To cut the long story short, things came ahead when my mum decided to visit me.  She did not know what was going on so when my friends decided to visit her, she just kept on talking and just exposed our true background.  This one “gbeborun” friend decided to run with it and got information of our relationship with the bigwigs of Nigeria.  Things became bad from there.  If I said anything out of place, the first thing is, “is it because you are rich or what?” No matter how hard I tried or worked, the honors were given to my parents that I almost started to resent them.  This affected me for a long time and eventually I lost every one of my friends except my girlfriend.  While she was the only one that didn’t care, she bore the brunt of the whole thing and eventually decided to marry her, the town gist was that she was marrying me for the money.

I use the Davido effect as a title because as a public figure, I am sure this is what he must be going through also.  His “Dami Duro” song was just what it was, a song.  Not an attempt to call you to his family background because if it were so, he can as well be relaxing and enjoying his father’s wealth.  Why should you ostracize him because of his father’s wealth?  His father might have shown him the door but he had to walk in and remain there.  We live in a world of vanity that what we see is the end result and forget about the process it took to get there.  Is his father in the studio with him, or is his father bribing everyone in Lagos to buy his album? If he did, how long will it take for him to go broke.  I go through this everyday.  My father showed me the door and I had to walk in.  Was my father in school with me, did he take my exams with me? When I was trying to fund my business, not one cent came from him and finally I pulled through and the honors again were given to my father.  It is a crime to be poor and it is equally a crime to be rich.  Which ones sef?

You guys need to get a life and work hard for your money.  The time it takes you to make sense of someone’s success is wasted time that you should have put into your own success.  You people just try to pull people down when you can easily reach there too.  Laziness is no excuse for any person in full health.  It takes a lot of no-how to be successful.  A lot of NO will also be in place.  In fact you will soak the word “NO” like garri.  But the successful ones never gave up; they forged on.  A wise man once said that people do not know how close they were to success before they gave up (I’m sure we have all seen the picture of the miner in the diamond mines).

You guys need to let people breath and move on.  It seems you guys were content when these musicians were taking Okada but now that they are now rolling in exotics, na wahala.  Haba, one of them could actually be your guardian angel.

I’m sorry for the long write-up and thank you for letting me vent.  I love your blog.


Ps.  ignore all grammatical error.

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