Want To Get Rid Of Your Baby Fat? Get Ready For ‘Get Fit Naija’


It’s time for a change Nigeria. Are you ready for a change? If you are, then Tochi Emewulu ( a mother of a 5 months old baby girl) and Onyinye Okoye (a mother of two boys) welcome you to GET FIT NAIJA-
A total body work out that would help you loose weight, tone your arms, abs, thighs and butt and also includes tips on how we lost our baby fat.

The benefits of exercising are numerous and they include: Improving your mood, Improving your confidence, Reduces complication during and after pregnancy, Reduces  the risk of contracting heart diseases, Combats health conditions, Boosts your energy and Improves your overall well being amongst others.

Crash diets also sets up for failure by depriving you of what you want. You can’t eat like that for long and it’s too likely that you will rebel and end up back where you started.

Get Fit Naija- Total Body Work Out and easy work out tips will be out soon and updated here.

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