Could He Be The Right Man For Me + My Parents Have Started Pressurizing Me To Get Married


Please I need your advice. I have been dating my boyfriend for 6 months now. He is a soldier. He always shows me love and tells me how much he loves me. We have been having s*x, although am not the s*x type, he’s really trying his best to make me like s*x and am cool. I met him in badoo; a social network and because of him I deleted my account. He didn’t ask me too, but what else am i looking for? The problem now is that he’s still on badoo and i know because i used my friends account to find him. I chatted with him with her account and he told me that he has a girlfriend but wanted to just hang out with her. Am so worried should i just leave him i don’t know? But i visit him at his office almost everyday and am well known to be his girlfriend. Am 25yrs old and have started getting pressures from my parents to get married. Please someone advice me. Have put him in prayers also and each time i dream of him he’s always helping me and showering me with gifts. Could he be the one? Please from Sarah a worried girl.

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