Have You Been Tagged? #Colourfulworldofmore


The colorful world of more is a unique expression that describes the exciting outlook that comes from aspiring for more in all of life’s endeavor. It is a celebration of our everyday individual or collective successes in whatever field and in how we inspire ourselves to reach for more; be it at work or at play. This is a fitting description for men who will never settle for less, who are not afraid to make bold choices in their everyday lives.

In today’s colorfulofworldmore Naija is brimming with vibrant, confident, self styled and aspiring individuals who believe in striving for better and eventually achieving more… 

Look out for a team of gorgeous looking bikers on the move with a mandate to  “Tag” friends in the Lagos metropolis who they feel is cool, driven and can swag it out enough to be a part of a #colourfulworldofmore

Simply follow at #colorfulworldofmore

Stay locked in here, I’ll fill you in on the exciting details around all of these soon. But let me ask you ….What does a #colorfulofworldmore mean to you?

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