I Have Reduced The Way I Wear Mini Skirts Because I Will Be 40 This Year- Chioma Toplis


The actress spoke to Vanguard about her style, why she dresses the way she does and how she single handedly trained her children.

Why do you dress the way you dress?

I wear what I feel comfortable in. In fact, I dress according to the occasion. Presently, I have cut down on the kind of  clothes I wear because  of the fact that one is no longer a child. I have decided to reduce it a bit especially when I am in Nigeria. It is not that I flaunt my cleavages a lot but it depends mostly on the kind of clothes I’m  putting on at that moment. Continue below.

I have reduced the way I wear mini-skirt. I just want to be wearing clothes that suits my age. I am going to be 40 sometime this year. Not that you won’t see me in other wears like when I am going clubbing but I have really cut down on those wears. To my husband, it is not a big deal. He even loves  to see me in mini.
For sometimes, I have not made my coloured hair. Anybody that wants to talk about my dress sense, the person should go ahead and do so.  Some people misunderstood me, they judge the book by its cover. Some people may conclude she’s  irresponsible. If  I am irresponsible, I won’t be in marriage of 18 years now. I wouldn’t have brought up my  son who is going to be 19  years soon.

I am so proud to say I have three children whom I brought up single handedly .  Over the years, my husband  doesn’t live with us. He is always working outside the country. Now,  he doesn’t live with us. He used to live in Dubai but now, he resides in Kuwait .  When people sit  back and gossip someone, they should remember that I have three grown up children I brought up from the scratch. If people want to judge me by how I dress or any other thing, that’s their business.

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