I Was Abused At Age 7 And I Think I Am Getting To Be A Gay Man


Today wud be my happiest day to let out what I call a secret out from my heart. As a child while growing up, my family travelled down to the  village for holiday, that was the first time I went to the village at the age of seven. It was a happy reunion for the family seeing each other. My uncle has a friend named T****, their compound was not far from ours, whenever I go to his house he wud lock the doors and close the windows and order me to his bed.

At that tender age I will give him a blowjob, when he is well satisfied he wud tell me that if I shud tell anyone what happened he wud kill me. There was a day I was about telling my mum what was happening, I heard the echoes of his threat, instaed I cried to them telling them we have got to go. As a child they wud feel you are a kid. When we got back I wud lock up m y self in my room and not talk to anyone.

Am 22 years old now and the problem I have is that am feeling am becoming Gay, I don’t make friends with guys instead I chose to have more female friends. Pls I need your help.

Pls this young man left his phone number and email. If there’s any reputable psychologist that can help him, do contact me, ladunliadi@gmail.com and I will pass his details on to you. Thank you.

This mail was sent to NanaKing. She receives lots of mails like this and she thinks we can share some here.

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