JUST IN: Why Do Men Lie?


Readers, I need your help. WHY DO MEN LIE!!!!

I have been in a relationship for six years with someone who lives in Spain. He has not always lived there, he moved there three years ago, and since he moved i have been trying to get a visa to meet him but all attempts have failed. A year after he moved to Spain he had a child with a Spanish lady. I am only aware of this because my sister also lives in Spain and she found out. When i confronted him he, he said the child was the result of a relationship he pursued in order to obtain permanent stay within Spain, in order for him to bring me over.

On the 1st of January this year i asked him to tell me the truth and stop messing me around; should i continue to wait for him, or should i simply forget him and move on with my life. He begged me to wait….and i did. However i told him that he needed to call my father and he did, which reassured me for a while. We do not talk on Facebook, and i do not use the social networking site much myself, however, today is my friends birthday and i couldn’t find her number after swapping phones a while back so i went onto Facebook to send her a birthday message. When i logged in what i was greeted with was more than a surprise. I saw my boyfriend with the mother of his child sharing a passionate kiss. My boyfriend wished her a happy birthday and called her THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE. To say i’m heartbroken is an understatement. What i want to know is why are men so unfaithful, why hasn’t he kept his promise, and why did he string me along despite me giving him the option to leave our relationship amicably.

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