True Life Story: How I Left Lagos For Benin And Got Raped Repeatedly By A Trusted Male Friend


A friend of mine (names removed by me) reached me and invited me to come to Benin City for an event. I have known him since 2011 so I tot nothing of it. Like no harm can be done after all we go way back and stuff. So I booked my ticket from Lagos and I flew to Benin. On the 13th that was a Sunday, and it was the day of the event. After the event we went to chill at a hotel in GrA Benin. He had a Suite there.  We were with other friends, we all talked, laughed, gisted and all until about 10pm. Everyone started leaving gradually, I wanted to call a cab to take me to my own hotel, but he kept on insisting on dropping me. I was like it is even better, I would save my cab fare.

So I had to wait for everybody to leave before he could drop me. Every body finally left and I was about to stand up to leave but he kept on insisting that I should stay and I kept on saying it was late that I have to travel back to Lagos the following day because of work.

Then when I stood up angrily to go and get a cab, he pulled me and slapped me and asked me 2 sit. I thought it was a joke at first because I just couldn’t believe it. Then I took my phone to call out and he seized them saying I am not going anywhere. He tied me up in his hotel, stuffed my mouth so I couldn’t scream. He raped me over and over. He said his baba said I was the perfect candidate for his rituals and for his upcoming elections to take place properly next year. I was shocked, I couldn’t even believe it.

I have heard stories never thought I would have seen it first hand. Every 2 hours of everyday I was raped, mishandled and rough handled. I was helpless. I wept and cried all to no avail because no one could hear me. Then on Tuesday evening he went out and came back and rubbed something on his manhood and said that it was what his baba gave him to use on me when sleeping with me. That I would loose my womb and my good fortune.

I begged, I cried, I did all I could but he refused. At night when he tried to rape me with what th baba gave him, his manhood wasn’t functioning, he tried and tried but it just wasn’t getting up then he started to hit me and tried again but nothing and he left in annoyance to go and meet the baba. He was so much in a hurry he left the door open. He didn’t lock it with the key. I was there waiting for him to get back.

Around 9am this morning an hotel staff came, they knocked no one answered and then they went down to get the other key only for them to find out the door was even opened from the beginning. And there I was. They helped me out and all. The names he used in filling the hotel forms are all fake. He is still at large. The police are on a hunt for him. His wife is in police custody.

So I want to use this medium to reach anyone that knows anything about him. He calls himself honourable …. (removed and other details too). I just really thank God for life because this is sumone I thought I knew and I was certain. God saw me through, it’s not because I am too fine or too holy. This shold be a warning to everybody. “You can only be sure of yourself, no one else.

For those who would say Ladun this story was made up, sit down there and keep saying it was made up. She gave all the man’s details, because she wants people here to help her find him. But you see, I am not an FBI agent or a police officer, and since the case is already at a Police Station, the Police should do their job. More so, I only put this up for ladies to learn. Trust no one especially the opposite s*x. They don;t love you more than your family, if they give you a thousand naira they are expecting you to give them something worth ten thousand naira in return. We thank God for her life.

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