Gospel Acts Marriages Crashing! Mike Abdul’s Wife, Flo’s Wife Pack Out Of Home

Mike Abdul of Midnite crew and Flo Nathan-Akinremi are the
rave of the moment as far as gospel music is concerned. But sadly, the two now
have one thing in common aside being good friends. They are both separated from
their wives. Few weeks ago, Mike Abdul denied he was ever having any issue with
his wife, and even cursed the few bloggers that came up with their story. But
when the truth will unfold, his wife, Vivien Stephens, another gospel singer,
proved that she was still very much a child of God, by refusing to lie and
confirming to an online publication, that indeed things have gone bad between
herself and her husband and she is now living happily as a single lady.
Sadly, Flo Nathan Akinremi has also gone the way of Abdul. His
marriage separation became glaring at the just concluded MEGA Awards, where Flo
won 6 awards. Flo somehow missed the awards ceremony, and his wife, who was
also an invited guest, was present at the occasion but refused to pick any of
the 6 awards won by her husband. They kept calling his name whenever he won,
but she refused to move an inch, she just remained on her seat and kept
looking, a source said.
Here is what Mike said on his Facebook page before now, when
he denied the divorce allegation.

“My name is Mike Abdul. You don’t really know the devil’s
tricks until he plays it on you. May the conscience of evil doers be their
judge. When they seek honour, they will not find it. They will not lack shame
and misfortune in their generation. They and their supporters shall partake of
immense losses. Olu-Famous, Naijapals, Nigerianfilms and all bloggers and media
places that have risen to do me evil shall be plagued with evil for the rest of
their days. Amin.”

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