I Did Not Insure My B**bs For N256m + I Will Start Making Babies Next Year- Cossy Orjiakor

After her alleged insured N256m b**bs saga, lol, Cossy is now saying she does not know
where that originated from. I’m trying to recall the news platform that
published the story, because the story was copied by bloggers from the
publication. No blogger broke that news (so this one no be lie from bloggers, lol).
But interestingly, Cossy says she is now ready for marriage. She says, its either she gets married next year or have a baby next year. Congrats in advance Cossy! Enjoy her
interview with vanguard after the cut, as usually, the ones that concerns us

We learnt that you have insured your b**bs for N256 million. Is it
It’s  not true. Sometimes, some of these bloggers
just cook up stuffs that are not true. But it sounds so interesting, that’s why
I didn’t want to confirm whether it’s true or not. Let the story just be.

Why don’t you want to talk about it?
It’s because the story is a
fiction. Somebody just cooked it up. I don’t know anything about it. I didn’t
tell anybody I’m insuring my b**bs. It’s something that somebody just cooked up
somewhere. The story didn’t generate from me neither did it generate from my
Twitter handle or Instagram.

But do you have the intention to insure your b**bs ?
I might do it, or not. But I
don’t want to talk about my b**bs here.

On Getting Married;
A woman get married when she is
ready to get married. I will get married next year or I will make a baby next

If she feels shy at social functions;
Each time, I attend a function, I
don’t even feel that people are looking at me. I will just catch my fun, but
whereby I’m not catching any fan, I will quickly leave the place.

Have you been embarrassed before in connection with your b**bs?
I don’t even give room for such
things. Nobody can walk up to me to do any nonsense. You dare not try it.
My  b**bs are real, full and fresh. When
you see good things, you appreciate them. But don’t dare to touch them. You
know what is good. When I’m old and my 
b**bs are not firm any more, I will cover them.

If you have the chance to come back to life, would you still want to be
I love myself, my b**bs and my
voice. My friensd told me that my voice sounds very s*xy.  I also have this smile of a baby. God has
been so kind to me. At least, I live in my own house in Lekki. I eat anything I
want to eat, and I don’t seek for attention, I drive a posh car. What else can
I ask for? A husband or a baby?

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