JUST IN: 26-Year Old Virgin Thinks She Might Lose Her Virginity To Colleague She’s Falling In Love With After A Night Out

Hi Ladun, I think I need LL readers advice on what to do. Here is my story;
I’m 26,single and still a Virgin,but get this straight. I’m
not an extremist,i didn’t keep myself because of my religion but to only give
myself to someone i truly love. Infact, I’m a very social person that you can
never imagine i would be a V.
Now this is the problem:
I got a job 4 months
ago and i think I’m falling in love with one of my colleague,who is in a
relationship oooo. Though,we have been very good friends since i got the job..we
hang out together,he drops me home everyday, go for lunch together..we have
been practically very close.

Well, the issue now is that my mind as started playing games
on me(ranging hormones) whenever we together i start imagining silly things in
my head *coversface*.
Now the big issue is that ,we will be having our end of the
year party next month and he suggested we should go clubbing then probably
retire to his house after the celebration of the night*coversfaceagain*.
I’m scared not to get carried away plus my mind is already
playing tricks on me, my subconscious also having a huge fight in my head.
I don’t no what to do..mind and body wants him but my
subconscious is resisting.*confusedface*.
Like i can actually make do with some candid advice now.
LL readers, please advice a fellow LLreader.


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