LL Male Reader Weds Lady He Met Through The Blog After His ‘I Need A Woman’ Post Was Made

I am not a match maker, but then when I get a serious
mail or call, I try to ask few questions and if I feel his/her answers are right
to an extent, I put it up here. I have had women mail me back to say Ladun
thanks, we are now dating, just pray for us so it could work out. Some men will reply
and say Ladun thanks too, while some will say, do you know the lady I met
through your blog is very saucy? I couldn’t stand her and doubt if any man can, bla bla bla.
But guess what readers? We have made a new HOME! Yes we did it, lol. In the mail the male reader sent in,
he says they got married two months ago, probably they were too busy to let us
know, and are now just having our time.
He sent their wedding pictures in and said I should feel
free to use them, but then, I won’t be doing that because I don’t think it will
be fair on the lady. Imagine her secondary school friends, Uni friends, colleagues
at work, and some of her family members saying. ‘Oh so she met bobo on Ladun’s
blog, hmmm’….you know the way some people are. So I will love to keep her face out of this. And if I decide to reveal the guy’s face too, they will still know who she is because they are married now. That said, I am so happy it worked out. Do find his mail
after the cut and the one munched by me.

Hi Ladun, If you remember me from early this year where I
cried out to God to hear my request for a wife, I sent you some pics to help me
advertise, well guess what? I AM MARRIED NOW! got married 2 months ago, all
thanks to you. Please I would love it if you can just also thank everyone of
your readers for me and feel free to use the two pics of me and my beautiful


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