Photos: Guinness Unveils Stylish New Label At The Amazing Colourful World Of More Concert!


If you missed the Guinness colourful world of more concert then you certainly missed out on the biggest concert of the year. It was amazing! The energy and thrill was simply out of this world and definitely deserving of the hype, it was so much fun.

But guess what… though the event must have come and gone, the reverb of this fantastic concert is one that will be felt for a long time to come. From the ambience of the concerts area, the sterling performances, the lightning effect, the sound, the entire feel was absolutely world class; and in a way only Guinness could.

The highpoint of the night was the very impressive 3D unveil of the new Guinness Foreign Extra Stout bottle label; with a stylish, totally elegant look… Fantastic.

And the label is actually very trendy, makes you look very cool!

Check out some of the remarkable moments from the Guinness colourfulworld of more musical concert and new label unveil.

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