AfroCandy Is Angry! Tells Bloggers To Get Some Education! Releases Pictures For the Season


Lol, AfroCandy has also released her own pictures to
celebrate the season, but we think her pictures are not as hot as Maheedahs. Some
of her followers lashed out at her and said she should stop copying Maheddah
which really got her upset. I quote ‘My name is AfroCandy check who’s been in the game before you talk that shit here’. Another tweet says, I make history, set the pace and run my shot like a boss before you come here talking shit check my records’.

And btw, need I tell you that
AfroCandy has been contracting herself on Twitter? Remember her post that we
made here, shortly after the post, she went online and said I bloggers should get
some education, bla bla bla, that she wasn’t referring to any bitch. Then she goes on to still compare herself with her, by saying she
has been there before the bitch! Who is the bitch? lol. More so, I personally
think it is an insult to say she is copying Maheedah because Mama has been
there doing her thing before Aunty Maheddah, lol. Her tweets and the rest of the photos below.

 These were are tweets when some of her followers asked her to stop copying Maheedah;

 Her message to bloggers

Her plan for 2014

Her pictures for the season;

Then her other latest pics

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