How A Reader Was Duped.. Gives Tips On Booking A Flight

Eyah she lost about £2000 to a fake agency and she wants us all to be alert at this period. And again we need to be careful with airlines customer care
people. Some of them are thieves. There was a problem yesterday on a ticket I bought
on Tuesday, didn’t notice until yesterday, but because it was on Sunday, I thought
they would not be opened at all. So I googled their phone numbers, and spoke to
the guy who picked it up. Alas he started grumbling, madam there is nothing we
can do about it bla bla bla… Long story cut short, he asked me to come to their
office, the one by the airport and gave me his personal gsm number and said
madam, it’s 10k o. I was like ok cool cool. At least I won’t be paying the real
fee any more with his help. But then something struck me and I said, ahn ahn,
why should I be cheated in my country, in fact I’m going straight to their office
(not the place I bought the ticket), the airport own, so I ignored the guy and
went straight to their office…..

 And guess what? It was no issue at all. I just
had to wait a little…like 30mins, and everything was done. I was forced to give
the guy I met there 3k(dash). I was like why did the guy who picked the airline’s
customer care service call said I was going to pay 150dollars for the mistake,
but he can help out if I can pay him 10k. That was how I left. Well, me I don’t
care o, I still have the guys number, if Arik, needs it they can send me a mail
to get it. Did I tell you he kept calling me every minute as I was driving to their
office? In fact, I wanted to ask of him there, so I can say it to his face that
he is a big thief and shouldn’t be working here, but then I checked my time and
said, I’m off, I need to go and blog, lol, so I left. Bottom line, it’s xmas
and everyone is looking for money.
THE Reader’s Story (undiluted)
Hi Ladun
I’m a frequent visitor of your blog and I appreciate the
fact that you make it a point to share with the public information that you
feel is quite necessary. So, please I would like you to share this on your
blog. My family and I booked a flight recently from the UK to Nigeria with a
travel agency we found online which offered us a quite affordable price amongst
all the others we had tried and hence we went for it. They required an upfront
deposit of £100 and the full payment a few months after. This we did. And today
we’ve tried to reach him for the electronic ticket which they promised to send
us a few days after the complete payment only to find that the phone number
does not exist and the email address with which we have been corresponding
frequenty through does not exist anymore and we received mailer daemon replies.
so please could you share this on your blog that NO ONE SHOULD BOOK WITH THEY ARE SCAMMERS and instead of holidays with
family memebers and friends you’ll just break your heart and loose all the
money you saved up.
Please please please. Even though now we’ve told ourselves
that shit happens and life goes on, I really do not want anyone to suffer what
I and my family are going through this holiday season £2000 down the drain when
we aren’t even Santa Claus. I’ve also gone online at
and this was where I saw others who went through the same thing and it sank in
that we had been scammed.
Tips to follow when booking an airline
1) Book your flights directly from the airline
2) when a price is too good to be true it probably is
3)Unless its impossible for you please go into the office of
the travel agency yourself and carry out whatever you have to
4)Trust your sixth sense, sometimes our instincts know
better than we do.
please share.
Thank you.

Broken hearted holiday goer

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