Merry Christmas & Happy New Year In Advance To Every LL Reader

This is wishing every LL reader a Merry Christmas and happy New
year in Advance. To everyone that the Lord has blessed this year don’t forget
to say a big thank you to him. Thank you guys for staying with me on this blog
all through the year. Even when I wasn’t working like I used to (cus I was
everywhere) you still stayed. I can’t thank you enough for making the blog so
important in Nigeria today. You guys won’t understand, I am Ladun, and I know
what I am talking about. Lastly, to God, this is an open testimony. Only you
can do what you have been doing Lord. Thank you and I am so grateful.  Hoping I will be able to start my Vlog 1st of
January, so you my readers can see ‘the pretty me’. Yea lol, your requests has
been finally granted. I know a lot of people are waiting, celebrities and what have
you, long laugh, na wa o…my pic is just for my humble readers, my legends….the
ones the Lord have ordained, lol.
But seriously 2014 will be more fun, and no
one should complain when I start posting enough videos. You guys asked for it.
Naija’s Kim k here we come, oh oops sorry, Naija’s Oprah Winfrey…there you have
it guys. And lastly, please believe in yourself in this coming year. Believe
me, I am talking from experience and I am a living testimony. There is no one
God cannot bless, if He can bless me, then He can bless you. And you know what,
when God starts blessing you, you will just sit and keep doing your work and
keep getting bank alerts. And you even say to yourself, these people just dey
dash me money o, lol. It can only be God, it is something, no one understands. Let’s
all stay happy and enjoy this special day. From me to you it’s LOVE always.
Wish I could meet you all and give everyone a peck each. I just love you ALL.

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