Readers Mail: How I Got An Infection From A Top Nigerian Musician After Having S*x

Okay this is so hilarious to me, I know this is someone’s
plight and it shouldn’t be funny, but hey, you are supposed to be smarter than
this. A reader had an encounter with one of the reigning musicians who is also
a music producer. I will have to remove his name from the mail, because I
believe he is not the only male musician who has an infection in the industry. Bottom line,
stay off entertainers. Find her unedited mail below.

Our Nigerian celebs like to take advantage of we females,
let me tell you a personal experience I had with ___ ____ although I’m not sure
if he’s actually normal because of the amount of marijuana he consumes. Anyway
I met him and he kept calling me and promised me heaven and how I will be his
wife. I agreed to see him & one thing led to another & we had s*x. The
condom broke in the process. I had a bad infection & was placed on
antibiotics for a week & my doctor suggested that my partner should be treated.
I called him severally after that day but he didn’t pick up. I knew I had been
cheated but still I wanted him to treat his infection instead of passing it
He has ignored me completely on the last months. I was
having drinks with a couple of friends last night & co-incidentally both of
them were supposed to hook up with a celeb who I consider dirty & smelling,
a complete drug addict. Although he’s talented & makes good music. Although
they have been going with the flow but I decided to expose him through this
medium because a lot of other girls might not even know he’s insane and also I
saw a friend’s cousin’s tweet today that read ‘omg’ ___ ___ DM’d me.  Please kindly do a post about it so that girls won’t fall victim.


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