You Can’t Turn Any Section Of Our Roads Into Showrooms! Fashola Tells Auto Dealers

Trust our Governor. The Governor was recently on his way to
an event when he passed through the Mobolaji Bank Anthony way and was not
pleased with what some car dealers have turned part of the road into. He has warned
them and the rest of auto dealers in the state to stop using part of the roads
as their showrooms. He also spoke about people hawking in traffic and how they
have made traffic worse, stating that Lagos is a mega city and we should also
remember that staying more in traffic is not healthy. His words;

“We build roads to
let us get to our businesses; our places of work quickly and to make movement
“But some residents covert the roads to places they trade and as long
as we continue to trade on them, we defeat the purpose for which they were
“As long as we turn our roads to shopping malls where
everybody buys in traffic, we all pay the price because you all know that such
causes stress and hypertension.
“Now, I see those who sell cars on Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way
and other areas have turned sections of the highways into showrooms.
“I am using this opportunity to tell them to get land where
they can display and sell their cars. If we want to be great people, we don’t
turn our highways into car shops”.

Fashola also added that there was a lot of serious health implications if motorists have to stay
too long  on the road.

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