Goodness! Should I Stay WIth My Partner & His Mother Or Just Move Back Home- Female Reader


This story is absolutely touching. So touching.

I am in desperate need of some good advice. First of all before i start let me get this fact out in the open; i am more than aware that i have made major mistakes in my life, however i am even more aware that i need to rectify my situation, and i need to do it now.

A few years ago i was seeing a guy and i thought it was the real thing….i was wrong. I got pregnant and as soon as i told him he vanished into thin air. I had a baby boy, who is now four and continued to live in my mother’s house, i was 25, unmarried and a single mother while still living as a dependent in my mothers house therefore i was beyond depressed. My mother didnt rebuke me, she helped me take care of my son and i was able to get a pretty good job.

Just over two years ago i started dating a guy and we have been together ever since, we had no issues at all up until october when he lost his job. Our world literally fell apart, we had to put all plans for our wedding and plans to move into our own home on hold. The worst part was that i was already pregnant, i was only weeks away from giving birth and now we had no income at all as i had left my job, seeing as we were comfortable on his salary. As accommodating as my mother was i took the decision to move in with my partner and his mother as he said it would please her greatly and that as a man he could not come to stay at my mother’s house.

This was the start of the issues that i currently have. My partner was the one looking after his mother financially, and as he had no means of income anything i could get i would contribute towards the running of the house. Last week his mother sat me down when my partner wasnt at home and explained that the money i was giving wasnt enough that i had to give her more money , she complained that my ‘husband’ eats so much and that as a wife it was my duty to make sure he was catered for. I am now stuck with a baby of 6 weeks old and partner that i can not afford to feed. My question is this, should i take my child and move back to my mothers house? i know it will cause issues but do i have any other choice? i have not been able to look for work as my baby is so young but i will soon. Please speak your minds and tell me if i should grit my teeth and bear it or simply move back home.

Thank you in advance for your response

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