Sunday, January 19, 2014

How They Makeup Disgusting Videos They Use To Degrade Africans In The Name Of Charity

If you are from this continent and you have asked yourself before now, where they get people they use in charity videos from...ask no further, because they are simply actors. They are actors used by charity organisations to cause more harm than the good they claim to be doing. These videos used by fundraisers “Africans are ugly, hungry, sick, and poor have caused a negative stereotype for Africans worldwide. It has to stop! There are poor people everywhere in the world. We all don’t have to be branded to help some.Share this video and help get the word out. Watch it HERE.


  1. Lord have mercy

  2. Oyibos r d most corrupt ppl I ve seen. They don't go ,where they don't gain! They know how to use ppl to their satisfaction. All d bad things we learn, r from them. Opportunists!!!

  3. Whether or not they are gaining, they raise funds for these people who are languishing in poverty! How do you create an awareness campaign and show people living in affluence? Who will donate or support such a cause? I don't agree with general documentaries that portray only the sufferings in Africa but if it's just a fundraising campaign, good. Let's be honest they are doing a whole lot to help, much more than we the Africans are doing

  4. some of the funds that are raised are usual not given to the right cause lots of the organization live large on the funds raised and some are actually honest enough to make sure the money goes our for a good course

  5. What you just said is pure nonesense. What kind of help are they giving by causing more harm. If you live in Europe you will understand what the stereotype they have created has caused.

    We see fundraising campaign they do in their countries for the poor that is not as bad as the ones where they show horrible stuff that is made up and use the word Africa as if it is the whole Africa.

    What is wrong with naming the village, town or country. Must you brand a whole continent because you want to send $2 to them. Do you even know how much they themselves spend on personal expense out of the money they raise.

    They should stop giving us bad branding. We do not need their help if they want to really help us they should stop corrupt leaders from depositing money in their countries and ban them from going to their countries for holidays and health care until they fix their own.