Friday, January 24, 2014

INEC Releases Time-Table For 2015 Elections! Presidential & Governorship Elections To Hold In February

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) today released the time table for the 2015 Presidential and National Assembly elections. The presidential and National Assembly elections will hold on February 14, 2015, while the governorship and statehouse of Assembly elections will take place February 28, 2015.

It also said the Ekiti Governorship election will hold on June 21, 2014 while the Osun Governorship election will hold August 9 2014.


  1. omo! this 2015 election no go be here ooo. if you never chop belle full the best thing to do is just to back off

  2. Why the rush is this not too early

  3. With political acrimony everywhere, 2015 will be a very tough one to deal with. Nobody is capable of stopping Jonathan from contesting but I think it is appropriate to do a rethink on the next elections. We do not need any more bloodshed in our beloved country. Let us postpone this elections to 2017 and allow GEJ complete two more years as a sacrifice, while the whole polity is genuinely restructured through the National Conference.

    Is there much acrimony in the system or not? Are the masses benefiting in anyway from all these? What election will be credible in this circumstance? It is either a lot of stolen or slushed funds are used to buy votes in the South with election box being illegally stuffed or Cattle, Goats, Camels, Nigeriens, Arabs, Chadians,Malians etc are allowed to vote in the core North as usual. We need to restructure this system. GEJ, I guess was, divinely sent to do this as he is not the Messiah, the masses were looking for

    Tinubu through Fashola and other former ACN have all done well but the North for now is ready to lick any ass to get back to power. Once they do, Tinubu will be the first to be dealth with before retaliating on other opposition members, Igbos, South South, Middlebelt etc. Tinubu will go on exile but the poor will remain and suffer in Nigeria. GEJ has really not done well but he should be allowed to help restructure Nigeria. A fair deal.