Thursday, January 23, 2014

Police To Deploy Bomb Detection Dogs To Airports & Strategic Borders

The Explosives Ordnance Disposal Command of the Nigerian Police Force has taken delivery of Explosive Detection Canine (EDC) which will be deployed to all Nigerian airports, seaports and land borders. EDCs are dogs trained in the detection of bombs and dangerous explosives. According to the Police commissioner, the deployment was a part of the command’s strategies to improve on its operations nationwide.

Anytime from now, EDC will be deployed to all the airports, seaports and our strategic borders because they increase security and enhance explosives detection. The dogs have expertise in conducting large scale sweeps of facilities that are used in airports, seaports and land borders. To this end, security will be maximised and consolidated in all these places. We also want to assure members of the public that the command is fully prepared in 2014 to tackle any Improvise Explosives Device (IED) anywhere in the country, the commissioner stated.


  1. I hope they are trained to detect bomb wrapped in locust beans too if not those dogs would be singing "see gobe" in this naija!

  2. Naija is finally waking up. Thank God.
    We must be proactive.

  3. Nice one! Canine protection service industry abt to witness a huge boost. Bt I hope Nigerian factor doesn't come in whereby dogs are starved out of strength coz one foolish aboki at the top has syphoned their feeding allowance. Zionzukki.


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  5. Hunger go finsh dem d dogs o dem go com begin colect bribe.......hehehehehehe*Naija I hail o*

  6. Wish them the best

  7. and the customs should sto putting their hands in eople luggages looking for rubbish
    ts d dogs job to sniff d luggages and pick out d ones wt suspicions, not the hungry looking customs and ndlea rubbish that have their tables at the departure siphoning money from innocent travelers, they even collect bribe from oyinbos self
    i have witnessed t before
    those guys at d arrival are a big disgrace to men and women in uniform at that airport