Reader’s Mail: My Fiance’s Older Cousin I Dated Before Him, Still Wants S*x From Me

Hi Ladun Liadi readers,

I am about to marry my ex-boyfriend’s cousin. I dated his older
cousin, a married man two years ago and met my fiance through him. My ex wanted
me to marry him because he is comfortable and can take care of me and my unborn
children. I have fallen in love with him but I am scared he might get to know
in the future. We have been having unprotected s*x since early last month and I
think I am pregnant. Our wedding is in few weeks and I get more scared every
day. The worse part of it is that his older cousin has been asking me for s*x
and whenever I turn him down he threatens to tell my fiance. What can I do. I
don’t want to see his older cousin again. Please help. 

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