SAD! How Nigerian Men Have Been killing Their Nurse Wives In The Us

“Yes I have killed the woman that messed up my life;
the woman that has destroyed me. I am at Shalom West. My name is David and I am
all yours.” 
Those were David Ochola’s words during his 911 (U.S.
Emergency Number) call to authorities after shooting dead his 28 years old
wife, Priscilla Ochola, in Hennepin, Minnesota. The 50-years old husband was
tired of being “disrespected” by his wife, a Registered Nurse (RN) whom he had
brought from Nigeria and sponsored through nursing school only to have her make
much more than him in salary – a situation which led to Mrs. Ochola “coming and
going as she chose without regard for her husband.”  The couple had two children – four years old
boy and a three years old girl. 

In Texas, Babajide Okeowo had been separated from his wife,
Funke Okeowo, with whom he resided at their Dallas home.  Upon the divorce, the husband lost the house
to his wife, along with most of the contents therein, as is usually the
tradition in U.S. divorces where the couple still has underage children.  Mr. Okeowo, 48, divorced his wife because not
long after she became a RN and made more money than him, she “took control” of
the family finances and “controlled” her husband’s expenditure and
movement.  The husband could no longer
make any meaningful contribution to his family back in Nigeria unless the wife
“approved” it. He could not go out without her permission. Frustrated that his
formerly malleable wife had suddenly become such a “terror” to him to the point
of asking for in court and getting virtually everything for which he had worked
since coming to the US thirty years prior, the husband got in his vehicle and
drove a few hundred miles to Dallas to settle the scores. He found her in her
SUV, adorned in full Nigerian attire on her way to the birthday bash organized
in her honor.  She had turned 46 on that
day.  Mr. Okeowo fired several rounds
into his wife’s torso while she sat at the steering wheel, mercilessly killing
her in broad daylight.
Also in Dallas (they sure need anger management classes in
Dallas), Moses Egharevba, 45, did not even bother to get a gun. The husband of
Grace Egharevba, 35, bludgeoned her to death with a sledge hammer while their
seven years old daughter watched and screamed for peace. Mrs. Egharevba’s “sin”
was that she became a RN and started to make more money than her husband. This
led to her “financial liberation” from a supposedly tight-fisted husband who
had not only brought her from Nigeria, but had also funded her nursing school
Like Moses Egharevba, Christopher Ndubuisi of Garland,
Texas, (these Texas people!) also did not bother to get a gun. He crept into
the bedroom where his wife, Christiana, was sleeping and, with several blows of
the sledge hammer, crushed her head. Two years before Christiana was killed,
her mother, who had been visiting from Nigeria, was found dead in the bathtub
under circumstances believed to be suspicious. Of course, Christiana was a RN
whose income dwarfed that of her husband as soon as she graduated from nursing
school. The husband believed that his role as a husband and head of the
household had been usurped by his wife. Mr. Ndubuisi’s several entreaties to
his wife’s family to intercede and bring Christiana back under his control had
all failed.
If circumstances surrounding the death of Christiana’s
mother were suspicious, those surrounding the death of a Tennessee woman’s
mother were not. Agnes Nwodo, a RN, lived in squalor before her husband,
Godfrey Nwodo, rescued her and brought her to the US. He enrolled her in
nursing school right away. Upon qualifying as a RN, Mrs. Nwodo assumed “full
control” of the household. She brought her mother to live with them against her
husband’s wishes. Mrs. Nwodo quickly familiarized herself with US Family Laws
and took full advantage of them. Each time the couple argued, the police forced
the husband to leave the house whether he had a place to sleep or not. On many
occasions, Mr. Nwodo spent days in police cells. Upon divorcing his wife, Mr.
Nwodo lost to his wife the house he had owned for almost 20 years before he
married her. He also lost custody of their three children to her, with the
court awarding him only periodic visitation rights. Even seeing the children
during visitation was always a hassle as the wife would “arrive late to the
neutral meeting place and leave early with impunity.” Mr. Nwodo endured so many
embarrassing moments from his wife and her mother until he could take it no
more. One day, he bought himself a shotgun and killed both his wife and her
Caleb Onwudike’s wife, Chinyere Onwudike, 36, became a RN
and no longer saw the need to be controlled by her husband. Mr. Onwudike, 41, worked
two jobs to send his wife to her dream school upon bringing her to the US from
Nigeria. After four years, she qualified as RN. Once she started to make more
money than her husband, she began to “call the shots” at home.  She “overruled” her husband on the size and
cost of the house they purchased in Burtonsville, Maryland. She began to build
a house solely in her name in their native Umuahia town of Abia State, Nigeria,
without her husband’s input whatsoever. Mrs. Onwudike came and went “as she
liked,” within the US and outside the US. In fact, she once travelled to
Nigeria for three weeks “without her husband’s permission” to lavishly bury her
father despite her husband’s protestations that they had better things to do
with the money. Mrs. Onwudike let her husband know that this was mostly her
money and she would spend it however she wanted. Through her hard work, she had
risen to a managerial position at the medical center where she worked. Upon her
return from burying her father, her husband got one of her kitchen knives and
carved her up like Thanksgiving turkey inside their home on New Year’s Day.
Death is death no matter how it comes. But the goriest of
these maniacal killings is probably the one that happened here in Los Angeles,
California. Joseph Mbu, 50, was tired of his RN wife’s “serial disrespect” of
him.  The disrespect began as soon as she
became a RN.  Gloria Mbu, 40, had once
told her husband he must be “smoking crack cocaine” if he thought he could tell
her what to do with her money now that she made more money than him. Before she
became a RN, Mr. Mbu had been very strict with family finances and was
borderline dictatorial in his dealings with Mrs. Mbu. However, Mrs. Mbu learned
the American system and would no longer allow any man to “put her down.” When
Joseph Mbu could not take it anymore, he subdued his wife one day, tied her to
his vehicle and dragged her on paved roads all around Los Angeles until her
head split in many pieces.

[Author’s note: Although these are true stories, all the
names and some of the details of the incidents have been altered as a mark of
respect to the families involved. All of the killer husbands noted in these
stories were found guilty. Most of them received the death sentence. Only the
California and Maryland culprits received life sentences without the
possibility of parole.]

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