Sunday, January 12, 2014

Stephanie Coker and Veronica Odeka Thrills Listeners On The Baileys Radio Show

The delectable Baileys Radio show hosts (Stephanie Coker and Veronica Odeka) are a delight to listen to on the Baileys radio show. They thrill listeners with very interesting and insightful topics that gets everyone engaged.

On the Baileys’ radio show last Friday, an interesting topic on skin-lightening, fake eyelashes, eye shadow and eyebrows products was discussed and different callers called in to express their views and opinion about these topics.

The hosts advised the listeners to avoid these common mistakes ladies make;
                Using heavy Metal on the Eyelids
                Using heavy Eyeliner on the bottom lid
                Using Spider Eyelashes
                Using Extra layers on your foundation

There were some hilarious and funny answers that got the delectable hosts laughing.
I will like to know your views and opinions on this interesting issue. 
So what do you guys think; should you use skin-lightening products on your precious brown skin just because you want to look fairer or won’t  you rather be proud of your color and avoid skin-lightening products? Let the Comments roll in!!!!!
The hosts have promised listeners a fun and interesting time on the Baileys Radio Show.

You could be among some of the lucky winners of fabulous prize give-away on the show.

To learn more about Baileys Radio show simply visit

                The show airs every Friday by 8pm on the Cool FM dial 96.9.

                Remember you have to be 18 years and over to participate.


  1. Beautiful ladies

  2. Ladun, I hope you don't distort people's comments with this your approval policy. You either approve or you don't approve comments. Don't be a thwart. Only mumu bloggers do that.

  3. Its ok. We don c, we don hear+ now we knw.{Goldie}

  4. Stephanie is such a busy body sha...
    Please visit:

  5. ***Unbleachable ladies...lolz

  6. The Joke, The Hypocrites and The Basket.

    A wonderful perspective to the viral 'rape joke'.


  7. The Joke, The Hypocrites and The Basket.

    A wonderful perspective to the viral 'rape joke'.

  8. Now that's what i'm talking about, beauty with class always sell. I'm sure they'll have a lot of listeners.

  9. Nice to know Stephanie Coker is back on the Airwaves of CoolFM.

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