We Will Not Tolerate Laws That Criminalize S*xuality- Melanie Nathan Tells President Jonathan

Yesterday the United States of America slammed Nigeria for approving
a law that punishes same-s*x marriage/union. A blogger and human rights
advocate, Melanie Nathan has also condemned the act. She gave 10 imperative
actions ‘we’ must undertake as a world community to stop this. Here is what she
said on her blog about the 10 imperative actions yesterday;
Today we heard in breaking news that Nigeria’s President
Goodluck Jonathan has surreptitiously signed the so-called Same S*x Prohibition
Bill into law. Reports are that Jonathan actually signed the Bill, better known
as the “Jail-All-The-Gays” Bill, quietly last week. News of its signing has
only now been leaked.

The LGBT community around the World will not tolerate laws
that criminalize s*xuality and will vehemently protest countries which
institute such laws, which serve as government sanctioned mechanisms for
It seems that the Nigerian President was afraid of a huge
international outcry prior to signing the Bill, yet how he could think it would
never make the news defies logic.  Now
that the story is out, it is absolutely incumbent upon us here in the United
States and around the world to vehemently protest Nigeria and  this horrific law, including a call for
boycotts and sanctions and secondly to stand by our LGBTI family in Nigeria by
providing support for safe-housing and asylum in the West.
ALSO – Re Uganda: It is critical that we make a LOT of Noise
NOW vs Nigeria so Museveni sees that the world will not be happy if he assents
to the BILL.
Here are 10 imperative actions we must undertake as a world
1. Write polite letters to the President of Nigeria
expressing your thoughts and explain what being gay really means – and send a
copy of your letter to protectlgbt@gmail.com for publication in this BLOG.  (no more than 600 words).
2. Organize protests at Nigerian Consulates and Embassies.
3. Write to the Nigerian Ambassador/ consuls/ President in
Nigeria/ in your country – here is an example:
Dear Consul / Ambassador/ President
The World is shocked at the passage of Nigeria’s inhumane
and horrific ‘Jail The Gays’ law that your President just signed into law.
It is important to note that the laws you have passed
against LGBT Nigerians and visitors are based on lies and myths about
homos*xuality, are unconstitutional and contrary to the International
Declaration of Human Rights.
You cannot criminalize a human being’s s*xuality.
We will be protesting your embassies and calling for
widespread boycotts against Nigerian tourism, exports, imports and all
If Nigeria justifies this bad law proclaiming its
sovereignty, then it will choose isolation. 
However Nigeria cannot participate in a global context if it cannot
respect one of the most basic fundamental human rights and that is the right to
love any person of one’s choice, whether that person is of the same or a
different gender.
Anti-Homos*xuality laws condemn love that is naturally felt
to the people you seek to criminalize. 
The issues you purport to base your law upon are separate issues and
ought to fall under the laws already in place which protect all people from s*x
without consent.
Melanie Nathan.
LGBT Protection Coalitions, Worldwide.
Note: Nigeria maintains an embassy in the United States at
3519 International Place, NW, Washington, DC 20008, (tel: 202-986-8400). AND
4. Start to Boycott all things Nigerian – to include travel,
tourism, industry, exports and imports. Call companies that conduct safaris in
Nigeria expressing the danger and your anger (politely) at the support of
5. Call upon your employer to speak out against the Jail the
Gays Bill, especially if you work for a large Hotel, Airline, Bank etc. Chain
that operates in or does business with Nigeria.
6.  Write a letter to
President Obama, or copy him on the Letter you sent in Number 1., above. Also
Copy and call your member of Congress/ Senators or your political
representatives and ask if they are aware of this and what they plan to do
about it? Suggest that they take note of the Asylum laws for LGBT people and
that they participate in reform that will be advocated for by PCI Justice
7. Call your local or national LGBT organizations (the ones
that send you requests for donations) 
and ask them what they are doing to help protest this Bill? Ask if they
would be willing to join a coalition of International LGBT groups to ensure a
massive outcry and if so to write to protectlgbt@gmail.com
Call the U.S. State Department and ask them if they are willing to make
special humanitarian considerations for Nigeria’s LGBT community? Ask them what
Secretary Kerry is planning to do beyond mere words? Contact the U.S.
Ambassador in Niger, James F. Entwistle, and ask what his Embassy is doing to
help Nigerian gays get out of Nigeria? Tell the State Department and your
member of Congress that we want Nigerian lawmakers banned from entering the
U.S.A.  Also I am sure that the State
department will soon update their TRavel Advisory to a severe WARNING for LGBT
people traveling to Nigeria.
Also note: Assistant Secretary Linda Thomas-Greenfield leads
the Department of State’s Bureau of African Affairs, the division in the
Department focused on the development and management of U.S. policy concerning
the continent.
FYI – Ambassador Samantha Power Urges Nigeria Civil Society
to Remain Steadfast for Democracy The United States’ Permanent Representative
to the United Nations and member of President Obama’s cabinet, Ambassador
Samantha Power, visited Nigeria on Wednesday, December 18, 2013. She met with
President Goodluck Jonathan and other government officials, as well as civil
society leaders.
9. Call your Mayors office/ City Councils / Human Rights
Commissions and ask for a Proclamation to Condemn the Nigerian law and request
that all City dealings exclude business with Nigeria.
10. Join LGBT Protection Coalition, Worldwide, by sending
your name and email address to protectlgbt@gmail.com – you will be given
updates about protests and actions;

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