WOW! My Late Sister’s Husband Wants My Hand In Marriage

Hi Ladun, I need your readers urgent advice. Please this is important to me. Thank you.
I am a 27 years old lady who has been living with my elder
sister’s family for over ten years. Unfortunately I lost my sister two years
ago and have been of help to her widower by taking care of my three nieces. However
the situation is already out of hand as my sister’s widower is getting used to
my company. 
He has been taking me out for romantic dinners and outings
and eventually proposed marriage. He often tells me he sees my sister in me,
and loves the way I care and show love to my nieces which I think it’s natural
to show love to relatives notwithstanding if they are dead or alive.
He needs my positive answer to inform my parents back in the
village about his intentions. I’m so confused and cannot come to a decision on
this whole issue at hand. Is it a taboo? .Don’t even know what next step to
take. Dear readers I need your candid opinion on this. Thanks.

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