Aisha Falode’s 19-Year Old Son Buried! Mother Pays Tribute To Him


Oloruntoba Oluwadamilola, the 19-year old son of popular broadcaster, Aisha Falode has been buried on Monday, 3rd of March, 2014 in Lagos. Oloruntoba died in Dubai where he
was studying when he was pushed down from a 17 storey building by an Arab boy. Read her tribute to him titled, You Are Me, I Am You, below. So sad!

I held you in my arms and my heart burst into a million
pieces of joy. It was an indescribable moment. You were adorable as I touched
every bit of you. Giddy with joy, I counted your toes, your fingers, tiny and wriggly; a tough bundle of joy. Continue below….

Your innocent gaze upon my face, those two adorable eyes,
wide and searching as only a child’s would. All the gems in Arabia would fade
into insignificance at the emergence of your presence. My son had come into the
world, whole and complete you were. I had looked forward to having my own son.
I carried you with pride and honour in my womb for 9 good months. Knowing that
you will eventually be born made the discomforts of 9months seem like chewing a
candy bar. Here at last you were.
As you grew up into a most interesting young star, you were
my joy. In all of my trying moments, knowing that you trusted me and believed
in me spurred me through even the roughest terrain. Your childhood was joyful.
Your sister and you were my life. You still are my life. Nothing can erase your
memory, not a thousand winds or a million rainfalls can replace those memories,
not even a fearsome volcano can wipe you from me.
You are me, I am you.
I am devastated, I am pained, I am inconsolable, I am a
mother shattered. Who can console me but God? He knows best and did they not
say those HE loves HE calls home early?
My son, the curtain fell too early for you, for us. I am in
the audience; I cannot jump on the stage where you are. Even if I could, the
curtain is drawn already. I cannot reach you. I am tempted to say, why me, but
why not me? God loves us. HE took you my bundle of joy, even now I lean on HIM. 
I can see you, stretching out those strong arms, I see you trying to console
me, I see you saying: “Mum, it was meant to be, it is not your fault”, I see
you. I see you everywhere.
Together, we walked for 19yrs, you brought me joy. You
excelled in your academics, you made me a proud mother as you grew into a
handsome, responsible, caring, humane, disciplined man. I will forever remember
you my son. Those fun times, the times you held me when I was down, like the
man of the house, which you became so early in life…I am consoled because I
know for sure that you are in the bosom of the LORD.

I know for sure that we will meet again.You have not died,
you are only asleep. This thought will keep me going until I behold your
delightful presence again. I know you are here for I am you and you are me.

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