Photo: Biola Ige Refuses To Make Comment On N*dity Saga


                         The said picture (I had to cut off some part so her full breasts won’t be showing)
A particular picture of two Nollywood newbies has been
circulating online since. And they named the girl in the act Biola Ige, I
googled her, and I don’t think they are the same person, but then….So a
journalist got in touch with her this morning and asked what she has got to say
about her semi-n*de picture circulating online, and Biola gave a shocking
reply. Her words;

‘Thanks for calling but at this period. I shall not be
talking but I appreciate the fact that you called and I promise that soon when
I have something to say I will call you’.
Really? Is she enjoying this ‘fame’? What’s there in saying
it was leaked and I feel bad, or it’s not my pic or it was simply photoshopped? 

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