Sunmbo Adeoye Out With New DVD… Says I Will Tell My Story One Day

After hosting women earlier this month on International
Women’s day, Sunmbo Adeoye has released a DVD of the programme titled,
Inspiring change. She says the DVD was released due to popular demand, and also
explained how nervous she was at first, when she was challenged to get women
together and talk to them. She says she is a living evidence that God Mercies
still exists, and no matter the depth of one’s mistake, things can still change
for the better, I am a living evidence, everything changed when I found God,
she said.
For those of you who do not know Sunmbo Ajaba or what she is
talking about, let me tell you the little we know about her. Sunmbo is the
mother of Tuface’s first child, and has two sons for him. While they were still
dating, Tuface was also dating Annie and Pero was there and also started having
kids for him.

Fast forward time, she stopped dating him, she went through
a lot emotionally especially with the whole lot of drama that came with being
tuface’s babymama on the pages of newspapers. Then she gave her life to Christ,
and met Pastor Adeoye whom she is now married to, and the rest is history.
One thing a lot of ladies should learn from Sunmbo is that,
she thinks great and dates ‘great’. She does not let anyone or anything
intimidate her. Tuface is a great man, and I am sorry to say this, I know a
little about Pastor Adeoye too, and he is a GREAT man.
A lot of ladies, single ladies with no kids, powerful and working
class girls, wanted to fill his wife’s shoes when the pastor lost his wife few
years back, but it was difficult. The ‘battle’ was tough, but fast forward
time, Sunmbo is now his wife. She won the ‘battle’. Even with two kids.
Lol okay, I am stopping here now, at least you now know who
she is. Now read what she has to say about her new DVD below and how she will
tell her story by herself one day.
“Yesterday I sold my very first copy of inspiring
change DVD, this morning different people ordered online for copies to bless
their loved ones. Then it dawn on me that it’s been God so far. I remember
being nervous, when I was recommended to host women on International women’s
The anxiety alone brought sleepless nights. I didn’t doubt
the Amazing Power of God so I gave it a shot and indeed it was a huge success.
Looking at my life s Journey, the pain, reproach & struggle lead me into
God’s amazing grace. I am so thankful I embraced God and didn’t let Go of His
Grip. Letting go of what I want for what He wants for me paid much.
 In such a short time,
I feel blessed, lifted, Great beyond words. I want to Thank you God, for giving
me the voice, this platform and the Grace to Inspire change. Special thanks
also to you all for this overwhelming support. I want to encourage everyone
reading this, “No matter the depth of your mistake, you can turn back and
embrace God. It’s not the end of the road when you fail, fall, or when things
go wrong, just don’t give up on your recovery. The Almighty God is loving and gracious.

He will see you through if you hold on to him alone and walk
in the truth of His word. He loves us and He is ready to help us get back up
again. I am a living evidence of what God’s Grace can do. Having an encounter
with God totally changed everything. I will share my story one day and I’m sure
it will bless someone.”

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