Why Are Guys Who Hid Their Relationships For Years Just Opening Up On Them?

Lol, this is just my observation hehehe and 14years no be
joke for real. So I will be coding this gist, so if you want to get in code it
too. Let me first of all start by saying what is going on between fast rising
singer Yemi Alade and Alex Ekubo?  Yemi
Alade had an event on Wednesday and called out Alex Ekubo during her performance
and they both had it ‘dirty’ on stage not caring who was watching. Fast forward
to yesterday, they both stepped out hand in hand as they attended the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards and were so into each other all through the event. So apparently we now
know Alex friend. Friend not girlfriend, lol.

Now do you remember another light slim guy that had a recent interview
with a blogger and even hinted his girlfriend was pregnant? Then this other one
too that boldly introduced his singing girlfriend after different speculations?
Biko what is going on, no one called them any names o, but after the new law
and its 14years drama came up, everyone suddenly began to introduce their
girlfriends, abi na me just dey think this way? Lol… but the funniest thing is
that, there’s this one, who is the shortest and some people claim he has even
started bleaching, dude never introduce girlfriend o, and never seem to care.
Yayyyyyyyyyyy you go D, na so the thing go, Lol. Don’t mention any one’s name
here o, abi you wan send them go prison, abeg we like the guys too much jor.

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