Can I Reverse A Curse I Placed On My Rapist?

For the purpose of confidentiality I will like to be referred
to as Grace. While in secondary, ss2, I dated a guy in a Federal polytechnic.
We became close but never had s*x. I made sure we always saw in the open. Then
one day he told me his best friend just got back from UK and was lodged in a
hotel. Initially I refused to follow him but I agreed after so many pleads.
We got to the hotel and I waited at the reception. I took a
bottle of Malt and I started feeling dizzy. All I knew was that I woke up in
the hotel room n*ked, rap*d and disvirgined at 18.
I was angry and in annoyance I cursed him. I am happily
married now and blessed with a kid.  Recently
I saw him selling cds in traffic. He couldn’t look me in the eyes. I was even told
by my friends that it is so bad for him now, and he practically lives from hand
to mouth. I believe it was the curse I placed on him, because he told a friend that
since I cursed him his life has never remained the same.
Does anyone know if i can reverse the curse?

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