Derenle Slam Fans Who Hate His Hairstyles…Says It’s Not Their Money

Derenle has dissed his dark wavy tresses and did rock
another hairstyle that most of you didn’t like, before finally settling down
for blonde tresses. Well Derenle is saying he does not need your opinion to
change his looks and by the way, is it your money? The ever happy presenter
said as he flaunted his new hairstyle.
‘Ditched my dark wavy tresses for a blondier version!! And
that’s all my HAIR; I paid for it so it’s mine!! Normal is Boring! I’m not weird;
Im a limited edition, Something you don’t see that often. Gat a problem with my
look?? Ermmmm….I just fall outside your exceptionally narrow view of the
world.#madnessonheels#IsItYourHead? #IsItYourHair?
Not bad if you ask me.

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