Helen Ukpabio Poses Risk To Children..As UK Writers Call For Her Ban In The Country

Helen Ukpabio who is presently in London where she has gone
to preach and liberate people has made news on several international websites
including The Uk Guardian. Most of the writers want her deported because of
her negative believe about ‘children’. A writer quoted her to have said, “If a
child under the age of two screams in the night, cries and is always feverish
with deteriorating health, he or she is a servant of Satan”, a statement she
believes is not true and very misleading. Below is how independent.co.uk puts it.

The Home Secretary Theresa May is being urged to step in to
prevent a Nigerian “witch hunter” returning to the UK after she flew in to
preach to congregations in London.
“Lady Apostle” Helen Ukpabio, founder of the controversial
Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries, is believed to still be in the capital after
addressing three gatherings last week.
The born-again Christian Pentecostal preacher claims to have
been betrothed to Satan as a teenager before being rescued from a cult at the
age of 17. She now specialises in liberating captives in “deliverance sessions”
that critics claim are little more than crude exorcisms.
Among her advice to parents is the suggestion: “If a child
under the age of two screams in the night, cries and is always feverish with
deteriorating health, he or she is a servant of Satan.”
Campaigners say such beliefs, prevalent in some parts of the
developing world, can put children’s safety at risk. They have written to Ms
May to urge that the pastor be banned from the UK after the current tour.
In the letter, the Witchcraft and Human Rights Information
Network (WHRIN), the Bar Human Rights Committee of England and Wales and the
International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) cite the cases of Victoria
Climbié and Kristy Bamu as examples where witchcraft beliefs played a role in
the  horrific torture and murder of
“Whilst the Government has moved swiftly to block entry to
the UK for Islamic preachers whose presence is considered as harmful to the
public good, there have been no cases of Christian pastors facing such
measures,” the letter said. Ms Ukpabio cancelled her first service in
south-east London last week after the location was leaked. She is understood to
have made three other appearances, including one at a private home.
Around a dozen people attended each event which offered help
to those “under attack” from witchcraft, ancestral or “mermaid” spirits.
Bob Churchill, of the IHEU, said: “It is important that the
UK authorities send a message to the world that branding children, or anyone,
as a witch is beyond the pale.”
Ms Ukpabio founded the church in 1992 in Calabar, Nigeria.
It now claims to have 150 branches worldwide.

Gary Foxcroft, of the WHRIN, who has worked extensively in
documenting examples of witchcraft abuse, said Ms Ukpabio was one of a number
of preachers who regularly travelled to the UK. “The fundamental problem is
that churches need to be regulated. Anyone can set up a church tomorrow in
their own garden shed with no commitment to child protection or making their
accounts transparent or any theological training.”

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