How Robbers Now Use ATM Cards To Enrich Themselves In Lagos

May we not fall victim of this, but there is now a new trend
of how robbers rob innocent Lagosians at cash points. Here’s the gist; these
robbers don’t rob Monday nights, Tuesday or Thursday nights, but Friday nights.
What they do is this. Some of them stay around the bank, while one of them
walks up to the person making the transaction and gently smile and show him or
her a gun or a sharp object. In case you want to play funny, he quickly points
at his other members and tells you to corporate or you risk wasting your life.  He will then ask you to confirm your pin and makes
withdrawal while you are still there, and dispose you of other ATM cards on
you, after their pins have also been confirmed. They make the daily maximum withdrawal
from Friday to Sunday and the smart ones wake up very early Monday morning to also
make another withdrawal before you get to the bank to lodge your complaints, if you don’t make use of internet banking.
This has been going on for a while now, but it’s getting more rampant week after week.

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