I Have Told President Jonathan Who Boko Haram Sponsors Are- Guru Maharaj Ji

Sat. Guru Maharaj Ji says he had told President Goodluck
Jonathan who Boko Haram sponsors were. He says if only the president listened to
him when he visited Aso Rock two years ago, all these wouldn’t have been
happening. He mentioned past leaders as part of those sponsoring the deadly
sect and challenged Northern leaders to a television debate, to come and prove
they have no hand in Boko Haram. Read what he told Daily Independent after the

 “I had told President Goodluck Jonathan those behind these
nest of killers (Boko Haram) through several publications.”
“I have
asked the President to arrest them before now because they said after the 2011
general elections that because power did not return to the North, they would
make the nation ungovernable.
“The spirit of the creator is against them. They are going
to be dealt with. I will call them to order in the interest of innocent
Nigerians, enough of the bloodletting. If President Jonathan had listened to
the advice I gave him two years ago when I was at Aso Rock, all the killings by
Boko Haram would have stopped. After my visit to the villa, the bombings
stopped but because those in government did not continue to tap from my
spiritual grace, the bombers returned.

“Nigeria belongs to all of us. As Living Perfect Master, I
cannot be here and all these continue. I am challenging the Northern leaders to
an open debate in a national television. Let them swear by the name of the
Creator and all the seven elements of the earth that their actions were not the
direct reflection of Boko Haram onslaught,” he said.

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