Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Internet Dating: Police Arrest Man For Defrauding US Lover Of N56m

The Police Special Fraud Unit, SFU, has arrested a 29-year-old man for allegedly operating an internet fraud syndicate that specializes in defrauding unsuspecting wealthy foreign women who are in dire need of husbands.

Henry Ogu, and his accomplice, Yunusa Okonkwo, 42, were arrested after defrauding a New Jersey lady of US$350,000 (about N56 million) via an internet dating site.

In a statement on Wednesday, the SFU said that it received an e-mailed petition from a U.S. citizen, whom it did not name, sometime in April 2013. The petitioner alleged that she met Mr. Ogu on a dating site.

According to the petition, the couple started a relationship which lasted for months until the Mr. Ogu allegedly manipulated and made the lady to believe that he was in trouble in Nigeria and needed some financial assistance.

“She further stated that she sent the sum of $350,000.00 US Dollar to the two account numbers provided by the suspect,” the police said in the statement signed by Ngozi Isintume-Agu, Police Public Relations Officer, SFU.

“The account numbers belonged to Faneece Business Services International, owned by Mr. Okonkwo of No. A1 Giwa Road, U/Muazu Kaduna where he was subsequently arrested. His arrest led to the arrest of the principal suspect, Henry Chinedu Ogu.”

Mr. Okonkwo, a native of Amuri Nkanu West local council of Enugu State, is a patent medicine dealer who runs a Bureau De Change.

He confessed that he is the account holder of Faneece Business Services International, according to the police, and admitted that he provided his two bank accounts for the transactions.

“He also stated that the 2nd suspect, Henry, provided him with his account number where he transferred the money after converting it to Naira. The account detail is … with account name Raydeus Synergy Nigeria Limited. He also added that he always deduct his commission of N2.00 per Dollar before paying in the money,” said the police.
“Henry Chinedu Ogu, from Amafor – Ishingwa Umuahia, Abia State, claimed to be one of the Directors of a company called Raydeus Synergy Nigeria Limited. He confessed to the alleged crime that he sent the account details of the 1st suspect to the victim who in turn paid the sum of $295,000.00 Dollars into the account which the 1st suspect Yunusa converted to Naira before paying into his Diamond Bank.

“He corroborated the Complainant’s statement that they met on a dating site last year January 2013 and started communicating and exchanging e-mails.

“He also confessed that he deceived the victim into believing that he wanted to marry her but was stranded in Nigeria and needed financial assistance. He further admitted that he had spent all the money, that he used N9million to purchase a heavy duty generating plant which the Police had recovered.

“Also he purchased a plot of land for N800,000.00 along Lagos – Ibadan Expressway. The cash sum of N2million was also recovered from him.”

The police said that investigation has continued and the suspect would be charged to court soon.

“The Commissioner of Police, SFU, CP Umar Farouk Idris uses this medium to reassure the public of the Unit’s commitment to fight internet fraudsters and advises that such cases should be promptly reported through the Unit e-mail addresses:,” the police added.



  1. Her name should be BORN MAGA. How can you send 56million to a total stranger. Born maga

    1. Na love we dey talk here ooo....56million no be small money attal...they should deal with time they won't do such a bizness again

      Two UNILAG girls fights and tears each others clothes over a boy

      Hidden camera caught Doctor Abusing a female patient

      What secondary school girls do with boys when they have no teacher

      Caught on camera: Man trying to rape a woman

    2. Lol which one be born maga again

  2. Yepa! 56 million

  3. I am finding it difficult to believe this story.

    For someone in the US, to send close to half a million dollars to another person, the sender would have to be a multi millionaire.

    You can't just send half a million dollars to someone except you have that money laying done unused somewhere.

    You can't get that kind of money using your credit card either.

    How many Americans can actually boast of having this kind of money to send to a strander they never physically met before.

    The working and educated Americans all have all sorts of loans from college loans, mortgage loans, car loans and whatever loans that they are struggling to pay off every month.

    If indeed this story is true, I really need to know how I can get some women to be sending me close to half a million dollars like this if what it is going to take is for me to promise them marriage.

    Looking at this guys, so how the heck was one of them able to toast a woman to send him this amount of money?

    Did he used jazz ( witchcraft) on the woman or what?

    I really need to be introduced to these guys.

    What is the point in working, dealing with nosy co-workers if there are some women somewhere ready and willing to send me this kind of money.

    Could these American women be elderly women who inherited fortunes from dead husbands because I doubt if any hard working young lady who has the brain to have this kind of money in her account will be foolish to send it to somebody in Africa and especially Nigeria considering all the bad news about Nigeria and Internet fraud.

    If this story is true, then some people are truly stupid and gullible.


    1. It is what we call Yahoo Plus = Yahoo Plus Black Power. It works.

    2. Olu@Atlanta, you hit the nail on the head ojare. Even if they were defrauded of a lesser amount by these men which I am not condoning mark you, Yankee will add at least two zeros to the figure to make it seem like they are balling. Stupid desperado. Rather than date their local useless men who are deep in Credit card bills just like them, they will pull their rusty computers close to their Pandoro chests to look for 'something different' There are several men in America who can provide a reasonable life for these heffers but no, they want 'something different.' Well they got exactly what they are looking for. Remember that saying, a bird in hand...

    3. Guy,you are so funny.Under your nose in atlanta where you reside boys are making far more than that 56million dollars in 2 to 3 months.Who told you Nigerians are the only people reaping them off?guy go back to your 7 to 5 job and watch as events unfolds before you start writing another essay.y

  4. Good job. But go after the big thieves

  5. Hmmm go and meet them! Your fate will be worse than what if coming 4 dis fraudsters mmmttchew @ olu atlanta... Shior - Mama Sofia

  6. Hmmm go and meet them! Your fate will be worse than what is coming 4 dis fraudsters mmmttchew @ olu atlanta... Shior - Mama Sofia

  7. Please these people should recommend their baba lawo menh, I would marry the woman sef...


  8. I'm not surprised, knew before i read this that they were going to be Ibo guyz



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    1. Hope you are working there also.

  10. Are ibo the only fraudsters in Nigeria. U re fooling urself Anon:03:08.

  11. Yahooze kwenu!

  12. wa. The oyibo woman sef wey drop $350k without meeting the man. #morethanmeetstheeyes
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  13. The recovery is a useless one because the same police men are thieves and will still share the money and property.these morons only have power in nigeria where poor masses are struggling to survive.They should go to Venezuela and recover the 20 million dollars that was conned by some naija and Vene syndicates.