Man Who Dated 10 Women At Once Exposed

They thought they had found true love but their new bloke
was hiding a nasty secret. Now these heartbroken mums get their sweet revenge
and A Current Affair was there.
A “love rat” who dated up to 10 women at once has
been ambushed by two of them who formed an unlikely duo to gate crash another
one of his dates.
The Casanova, Melbourne man Victor Latei, was left
speechless when the pair awkwardly interrupted one of his many dates with a
television crew in tow.

“What’s this? What’s going on?” he stammered,
before trying to flee.
Latei strongly denies he has done anything wrong.
But the angry women, Tasma Master and Melanie Irving, were
not about to let him get away so easily.
Dubbed the “Lonely Hearts Club”, Ms Master and Ms
Irving are just two of the 10 women said to have been involved with Latei at
the same time – four of them even bearing him four children.
So committed were their relationships that his name even
appeared on the lease of a number of their homes.
They have now joined forces saying they want to ensure that
others don’t fall prey to his philandering ways.
“Not long ago, maybe four weeks ago, he sat at the
dining room table and said to my son ‘I’m going to marry your mother’,” Ms
Master told A Current Affair of the security guard who often told the women
that he was “working late’.
The single mother, who dated Latei for 15 months, said he
made her feel like she was the only woman in his life.
What she didn’t realise was that at the same time Latei was
in a long-term relationship with Ms Irving, with the couple of three years were
engaged to wed.
A Facebook group was set up to warn other women and more
victims continue to come forward, according to the page’s administrator.
The women have reported Latei to the police and are
convinced they are victims of fraud.

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