Saturday, April 26, 2014

Terrorism: Abike Dabiri-Erewa Urges Nigeria To Seek Outside Help

The Chairman of the House Committee on Diaspora Affairs, Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa, on Wednesday said, whatever strategy the Federal government was using to curb the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria was not  working hence the need to seek help of experts both within and outside Nigeria.

Dabri-Erewa who represents the Ikorodu Constituency of Lagos state, in the House of Representatives said that she was  worried that there was no compassion in governance in Nigeria anymore, portrayed by President Jonathan's partying in Kano, a day after the bomb blast that claimed the lives of Innocent Nigerians.

Speaking at a "Girls in ICT Day" workshop at the Sheraton Hotels Lagos, the Lawmaker  described President Goodluck Jonathan's visit to Kano to sing and dance a day after the Nyanya bombing and on a day 234 girls were abducted in Borno as insensitive, callous, preposterous and very very annoying.

She called on President Jonathan to apologize not only to the families and victims of the Nyanya bombings but also to the families of the abducted girls and to all Nigerian women.

She also called on all mothers to be united and mobilise in demanding and pleading for the release of the abducted girls.

She noted that the need for Nigeria to seek outside help had become necessary following continued attacks on Nigeria by the Boko Haram sect.

" There are Nigerian experts on security in diaspora that could be contacted/consulted  by government to assist.

"The recent bombing in Nyanya, an outskirt of the Federal Capital territory and the abduction of over 200 girls from a secondary school in Borno has shown that efforts by the nation's security do not seem to be working effectively.

"The fight on terrorism is yet to curb the insurgency situation in Nigeria and such huge security challenge cannot be allowed to continue.

"Nigeria needs assistance even from security experts across the globe that must not necessarily be Nigerians" she said.

She also decried the abduction of innocent little girls by the Boko Haram sect and appealed to them to set them free.

"The little ones are the hope and future of this nation. We cannot sit and watch them being destroyed daily," she further stated.


  1. Pls Dabiri stop this pretence and are part of this heartless and unremorseful regime...tell the nation what ur monthly take home salary is while million and million Nigerians are walloping in poverty

    1. Can't she speak her mind again?

  2. Yes!! Abike u ve spoken very well. U really Made very gud points.

  3. Madam chairman, you should be careful what you are wishing for.

    It would be a fatal mistake for us to bring in any western nation to help us.
    You should remember that those western nations have vested interests and it is only their interests that are paramount to them.

    Right now they have taken over our economy by installing the present minister of finance who is doing nothing but playing the scripts of World bank by putting us into a perpetual circle of getting into debt and repayment of debt.

    And now you want them to take over our security too?
    That is a big no, no or else we will end up in a worse situation.

    The only way to go right now is for us to start fighting BH with ARMED DRONES.

    Yes, we should start sending ARMED DRONES to kill them BH niggas off.

    The armed drones can be used to locate the girls that were kidnapped.

    With ARMED DRONES, our armed forces would not be at risk.

    With ARMED DRONES, we can see what is going on in those inaccessible areas that BH has been using as areas of operations.

    With armed drones, we can monitor the activities of the sponsors of BH and knock them off if need be.

    We should get the ARMED DRONES from China since they were the country that helped us installed our satellite.

    China can also help us in training on how to run after those BH niggas with our drones and knock all of them off one after the other.

    With ARMED DRONES, Obama is winning the war against terrorism and so we can do it too without opening our borders to western nations who can use the opportunity to destabilize us.

    Yes, we can.

    Now, the problem is getting president Jonathan to wake up from self-induced coma and see the effectiveness of using ARMED DRONES to tackle BH.


  4. Stupidity!! Oba Docemo ceded Lagos to the British, read the pages of history and discover that the British navy had been invited by Oba Akintoye i.e. father to Oba Docemo to aid in routing the rebellion of Kosoko. Fast forward, some 100+ years later, Madam Abike and some other Nigerians are calling for neo colonialism by inviting America of all countries into Nigeria. They should officially bring military intelligence into Nigeria. They will never leave then children of present day Nigerians will become slaves. History is preserved that the latter generation learn from the mistake of the earlier generation. Nigerians beware in your call for military aid.
    Nigerian Military a question for you, you can go on peace keeping mission to other countries, you can fight wars on behalf of other people but can't fight for your own people. The Nigerian Armed Forces, strangely enough i have faith in your ability to tackle Boko Haram, i know the Nigerian Armed forces can do it without the help of America and the like; so who or what is holding you back?


    1. To Anonymous 28 April, 2014 11:50

      It is Jonathan' cluelessness and incompetence that is holding our military back from defeating BH.

      Our armed forces are fighting with semi-useless weapons while BH militants are fighting with state of the art weapons stolen from late Col. Gaddaffi' armoury

      Yes, I also have faith in our armed forces as I know they are capable of defeating BH.

      But with Jonathan whose trade mark is making voyages all over the world in presidential fleet of expensive jets while leaving his job at home undone, I don't see our armed forces defeating BH.

      Yes, I also believe that leaders like this madam chairman need to go back to school and read about history very well before making suggestion or they should just keep quiet and keep on taking their salaries as law makers in Nigeria without actually achieving anything.

      As you wrote, I also doubt if this madam chairman who happens to be Yoruba knows about Yoruba' history very well because if she does, she will never ask for Western nation' military presence in our country.

      A similar occurrence happened in the old Yoruba empire and a Yoruba king named Oba Alimi of Ilorin(later part of Kwara state) axis of Yoruba nations asked the northern caliphate for help and the caliphate used that opportunity to take over Ilorin and installed an Emir there till the present moment.

      Ilorin and neighboring areas of Ilorin used to be part of Yoruba kingdom before this Oba Alimi single handedly made a mistake by asking the Northern caliphate to help him put down an uprising.
      He never consulted other Yoruba Obas for help. Why, I don't know.

      After the Hausa-Fulani controlled caliphate helped him put down the uprising, they killed this Oba Alimi by burning him to death and then installed an Hausa-Fulani as Emir of Ilorin. They claimed that Oba Alimi was not a Muslim but an infidel.

      Today Ilorin and some neighboring areas of Ilorin are under the control of Hausa-Fulani and the rest is now history but right now, we still have some Nigerian leaders like this madam chairman asking for foreign military assistance here in Nigeria.

      I some times asked myself how this people get to be our leaders and I honestly don't have the answer to that. How did we let people who don't know what the heck they are doing take control of our country? How?


    2. Point of correction:

      It was Oba Afonja ( a Yoruba king ) that requested for the caliphate to help bring down a revolt.
      And it was Alimi( an Hausa-Fulani) that was installed as the emir of Ilorin, after Oba Afonja was burnt to death by the forces of the northern caliphate.

      The mistake was mine and I took responsibility for it . It was never intended.