Elvina Ibru Speaks On Weight Loss, Former Marriage & Son


One of the daughters of billionaire businessman, Olorongun
Michael Ibru in a new interview with The Nation has expressed how she lost tremendous
weight and the true meaning of her son’s name, Elisha and how she has been coping with his father, ever since they separated. Quite interesting.

How is your son?
He is good; he is the best thing that as ever happened to
me. His name is Elisha and there are so many things attached to that name. The
literary meaning of his name Elisha in Hebrew means ‘my God my salvation.’ So he’ll
grow up never to forget that without God he is nothing. Then there is the story
in the Bible about the great prophet Elijah who God was going to take into
heaven. God told him that his time would soon come. He gave him a message for
Elisha that asked Elisha what he wanted and Elisha said that he wanted double
anointing. So if Elijah was a great prophet and Elisha now had double, you can
imagine how great Elisha turned out! So I think for my son, the sky is the
limit. Continue after the cut.

Remember what God said, that Elisha had to be there when
Elijah was leaving before he could get the anointing. You know what that meant;
Elisha placed Elijah on permanent watch. He was usually there 24/7, close to
Elijah so that he didn’t miss the opportunity. The name shows a man of determination,
which tells me that there is nothing that you want to do, if you really put
your mind on it and the thing is good, you will achieve it.
Also, the name has a lot of meaning to me because before I
had him, I had a miscarriage that I went through before I eventually had him. I
was pregnant with twins, which meant double. So when he arrived, it was like
God had given me double anointing back. You know God doesn’t cheat anybody. He
gives you what you really need at the time you need it.
How about his dad?

His dad is fine. He is in Port Harcourt. We are not together
anymore. But we are very good friends; in fact he got married last December to
a very nice girl. So Elisha has a very beautiful, lovely step mom that I am
very close to. We are trying so hard to be a unit, even though I am in Lagos
and he is in Port Harcourt. But Elisha comes first. He is a good dad.
You won an international beauty pageant because of your big
size, why are you slimming down?

I think Gloria, my elder sister, started it. Initially, she
was the biggest amongst us all. She started losing weight first. Then I was getting
bigger by the day. So two years ago, after Gloria inspired me with her gradual
weight loss, I started telling myself that I could do it too. I guess what
eventually triggered it off was that I had been big all my life but I never had
any sickness or illness. It got to a point when I was beginning to feel
sluggish. I felt I was suddenly trapped in my own body. There were some things
that I had always loved to do, but my body was just not responding.
So I was asking myself, what was happening in my body? Also
I was feeling little ache at my back, and I just had a little son. So I asked
myself how I was going to be enjoying and playing with my little son when I
could not even lift my body. So it was not really about being prettier or being
more beautiful that I lost weight. It was more about my health. Though I never
had health challenges attached to my former weight.
At my biggest, I weighed 210 kg and I am 5 feet 11. That is
a very large person! But I didn’t have ailments like diabetes, cholesterol or hypertension
except for the small ache at my back. I didn’t want a situation where I had to
get to where I became unhealthy. So I had to nip in the bud, the overweight. I
cannot now talk about my diet because I am not through yet. I still want to go
down 16-20 more kg. That is the size I feel I should keep, not because that is
what health experts say, but what I feel I want.
But do you mean that you are still intending to reduce
further than this?
Yeah, but people are asking me why I want to do that, because
my size as it is now is quite attractive. I feel better now though; I was
weighing 210 kg then. Presently it is 115. So I have lost about 95kg. If I can
get to 100kg or 95kg, then I will be very happy. When I get to that point yeah,
I can share my diet recipe and perhaps help some other people who are in such
situation that I have been. All my life, I have been struggling with weight. It
is not easy.

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