Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How To Identify A Suicide Bomber

Police Force PRO, Frank Mba has stated easy ways Nigerians can identify a suicide bomber if they spot one. He described the way they move, their reactions, how they try to avoid eye contacts with people around and lots more. What he said;

Characteristics of a potential suicide bomber

There is no specific profile for anyone who engages himself in suicide bombing. A suicide bomber can come from nearly every cultural background, religion, race, creed or gender. However, the following are common characteristics of a potential suicide bomber. Continue below...

Through his behaviour

He behaves in a way similar to someone with no future.

His mental state could present clues – his eyes are secretive, he makes obvious attempt to avoid eye contact with the people he perceived to be his enemies and always looking at every possible exit.

Mumbling prayers – may be fervently praying to himself, showing the impression of whispering to someone else.

He shows no response to any authoritative voice, command or instruction.

Through his appearance

He wears clothes that are unsuitable for the present-day weather. For instance, wearing of sweater or rain-coat during hot weather.

He wears slack or puffy clothes. This gives the impression that his body is excessively larger than his head or feet.

Sweating – resulting from tension and stress or wearing of unsuitable clothes. For instance, wearing a heavy coat during high weather temperature.

He appears to be focused and more vigilant on his target.

He will usually have his hands placed in the pocket, around the button of the detonator and ready to set off the bomb at the slightest opportunity.

He carries big bags or backpacks tightly with wires piercing out of the bag.

He may most likely have a clean shave or low hair-cut especially when he is ready to carry out the task. This may be done to disguise his real appearance.

He displays signs of drug use. For instance, his pupils become enlarged with fixed staring.

His breathings are heavy and rapid.

Mostly male who falls between the age range of 16 to 30 years of age.

He looks aggressive, restless, irritable and nervous.

Through his movement

He walks awkwardly or clumsily in an unusual and odd manner. This is usually due to the unsuitable attire he is wearing and sometimes due to the weight of the explosive devices tied around his body.

He tries to be evasive in movement. This unusual gait is adopted to evade security agents and some other persons who may foil his plans.

Often times, he may not know the route to his target destination very well, hence he may occasionally ask for directions. One of the suicide bombers that struck at a church in Kaduna in late 2013 had to ask commercial motorcyclists for direction to the church he eventually struck.

Through his kind of person/other features

He tries to blend into a group which he clearly does not belong to. For instance, he tries to attend Church worship services even as a non-Christian with clear intention to carry out surveillance and identify vulnerable areas before attack.

He demonstrates forceful actions in order to reach his desired target by pushing the crowd so as to find his way into a restricted area or showing desperations to reach a crowded point or particular target.

He will usually have an unusual herbal smell. This is as a result of incense used in the final rituals performed on him as he takes off for the suicide mission.


  1. Sounds like Criminals Mind to me*profiler* pls not every1 can read and dis bombs are set in the majority area,were the poor and average live,they shuld go to rural areas and educate them on dis and teach nigeria security dis information,recruit more soilders and every1 shuld be alert and look out for dis kinda ppl most especailly the soilders.

    1. My point exactky. U said it all. This just emphasizes my point on how shallow minded our police force is. If they know all this, how come they haven't caught any of the bombers. Also didn't the nyanya bomb happen twice in the same spot. Where were they? As a Nigerian, im pissed as hell. There r so many loopholes.

    2. Yea,I taught the same thing too,bombing twice in 1 area,noffin was done or they just did not act asap on it because they did not throw this bombs in areas like asokoro,maitama,legislative quarters apo,and were the Minorities stay,wen dat happen my guess is they wuld all seat up or fly themselves and families out as usual.

  2. BLOG ANALYSER: great, thses are the type of things we need to know

  3. I'm so loving this. I made ds point on linda ikeji's blog, the govt shud educate us on wat a bomb is, how it works, wen it works, nd all dat nd characteristics of suicide nd non suicide bombers, it ll help us curb ds bokoharam menace a great deal, I love ds post, more of ds biko

    1. You are very correct. As a matter of fact, am scared and thinking of relocating. But when we start fighting this ourselves with a little knowledge of those bastards, things will get better.

  4. I have seen one already

  5. Criminal minds.. ghen ghen

  6. Hahahahahahaha. In that case, I just saw a suicide bomber. He is wearing suit under this lagos sun. And he is walking because of traffic. I tried to make eye contact with him, and he avoided me forming conversation on his phone. What do I do?

    1. loool. nice sarcasm

    2. Report at the nearest police station

    3. Slap him

    4. @anony 11.37, u dey crase i swear (LWKMD). U for jump on top of am wrestle am down so e no go detonate. Werre Alasho!

  7. I' ll be on the watch

  8. I will try to find one suicide bomber

  9. Erhmmm....I am not sure this is right tho' cuz alot of people fit that profile...with this profile...I'm guessing my elect lecturer is a suicide bomber...

  10. Nice tips tho but then, a suicide bomber can't be curbed cos he's ready to die. You dare nt go close because u dnt knw when d said bomb is meant to detonate and reporting to d authority has no effect... you may be too late and who's gonna hold him down before the necessary authority arrives... My brothers and sisters, when u see anything that fits into these descriptions, please run fr yo dare lives. run as far as u could... my opinion.

  11. Then most Lagosians are suicide bombers! If the police know this; why have they not caught many of them?

  12. Who wan report to the authorities? Trust Nigerians especially Lagosians at the
    mere sight of anyone with the above descriptions they will pick race and the entire
    crowd will join without knowing why or were they are running to

  13. HAHAHAHAHAHA......
    I just can't laughing, then virtually all Lagosians are suicide bombers cause our mode of dressing sometimes ehn na wash...
    Nice security tips though, will work on them.

    I can't stop laughing... This means most Lagosians are suicide bombers cause of the way they dress.
    Anywaiz, nice security tips though, will work on it.

  15. They know all these and have not caught anyone, omolomo la ranse day torutoru.